New Efficiency dialog (first version)

This should give you a snapshot and an idea over time as to how efficient your factory slots are in a global basis (ie: this is the average of all the production slots in your factory). More charts and data to come, would lvoe to know what you would like to see in other tabs.

This looks great. Being able to narrow it down by machine type might be helpful so we can see what’s actually causing the delays, or a way to click on the “waiting for parts” part of the pie chart to see what machines are actually waiting for parts.

indeed, it is a bit ‘big picture’ for now, I’ll probably try to do the same for vehicles first, and then refine the data more after that. (in between bug fixes obviously :D)

  • What’s the average number cars per hour
  • What’s the minimal achievable build time per car (if you assume all slots have their resources)
  • What’s the BOM (Bill of materials) per car (incl. staff & energy cost)

This looks great so far, but it would be nice to have more division on the scale and graphics. not just 0% and 100%.
Could you make it like every 10%? It will give a much better idea where you stay with the Efficiency.

Same for the other statistic graphics and scales in the game.

This would give a better overview.

Good idea! :slight_smile: It’s like a pie chart, with added time dimension. But if the components always add up to 100%, isn’t it better to visualise like in my attachment? :slight_smile: It is more clear, no overlapping or crossing. Easier to understand in one look. On the other hand, it is easier to compare the values with your line graph.

Your Idea looks pretty good too, but i would add a scale there too, like i did in the added pic below

This is an EXCELLENT idea. I shall do this tomorrow!

Ok, not totally finished but there it is for now (coming in 1.04)

I really love the idea, the station efficiency history looks way more readable that way.

A breakdown of component expenses would be FANTASTIC. This would allow me to focus research on those components costing me the most first.

oh interesting. TBH most of the time this took was coding a fast reliable area graph, it shouldn’t be too painful to gather commodity price spending stats. I’ll see when I can fit it in.

Hi, sometimes I have this visual glitch with the graph.

I encounter the same display problem sometimes.