New Expansion pack! (Clones & Drones)

Behold the new ‘near-future’ expansion for the game: … rones.html

Excellent theme for an expansion. After the halftone Social Engineering, the fun Extremism comes a new addition, and a great one!

I’ve completed a first playthrough with France and my usual strategy “go green, go tech, go state services” and I had a much tougher time to achieve utopia. After several years of debt shrinking, a few crisis caused it to go back to its initial level. Needless to say, I was very pleased. All policies are welcome additions and are all well-integrated. In gameplay terms, the late-game is much more challenging.

Thank you for this!

Cool, glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback! If you use steam, and can take the time to review the game on there, it is massively helpful to us :smiley:

Done! =)

Hi, will this be released on GOG at any time?
I enjoyed the game and I am interested in getting this DLC, but I would prefer to keep the game all in one place if it is possible.

Also would Gratuitous Space Battles be coming there too?