New 'FedElite' Shiny Ship Variant Installer (experiment)

Heres something I put together whilst sheltering from the sun indoors this morning. It’s basically a graphical variant of the federation Tiger Cruiser that looks more shiny. I’ve wrapped it up as an installer that installs it as the ‘FedElite’. It just installs this one ship that is identical to the previosu one except visually. You could use it to make it easier to distinguish between two different Tiger variants if you like.
Let me know what you think.

Installer: … taller.exe

2 more screens


What effect will this have on online challenges? Is it considered extra content?

it adds the extra flags just like the paid expansions do, so if you use these ships in a challenge, people playing it will need it too.

Ooh … That is really spiffy. Nice work Cliffski!

What irritates me are the black areas of the ship. Otherwise it would really cool, I think even better then the standart federation models…

I love the way the variant looks. What makes it even better is that its for my favorite hull as well

Oooo, very nice! I like the color scheme. Looks even better than the regular Federation ships. Looks more dangerous or something.

Hi, any idea why the patch/expansion doesn’t seem to have work for me? I have a vanilla copy of the game and I ran the wizard but then nothing seemed to change.


did you make sure it installed to the same path as the base game? You should now see a new ship in the ship design hull-choosing screen, called ‘FedElite Tiger’

I have the Steam version and had some problems installing it. It didn’t go into the correct directories on its own, but with some manual copying and pasting I got it working.

I then promptly modded it to be a federation battleship. More pewpewpew!

Thanks hyndis! Apparently it put everything in the wrong place.
It seems the install made a folder labeled ‘swarm’ under the gsb directly but the game didn’t recognize what to do. So I copied and pasted the files into the correct places and the expansion works now.

Very nice - thanks, Cliff. Would it be much work for you to submit the whole set in an alternate colour?

Its a surprising amount of work :smiley:
But I do like this look, so I will try and find time to get some more stuff like this done.

What about using that color scheme for larger ship hulls? Heavy cruisers?

Basically just take an existing model, even if its a frigate model, scale it up to bigger than regular cruiser size, add on a bunch of new slots, reskin it, and call it a heavy cruiser.

Since the new FedElite ship looks so shiny I did just this. I broke up the combined hardpoints into individual hardpoints, so you can load the thing with twice as many guns as the regular Tiger cruiser. Gave it a bonus to shield, hull, and armor strength and a penalty to move speed. Resulting ship is very expensive, very tough, but very slow. It also looks just different enough from other Federation ships that it makes for a very nice and distinctive flagship. :smiley:

Ye, it should replace the federation color scheme.

I’d be much happier if it was a second Federation colour, or sold as another race - I don’t want the original feds removed from service.

I just added a similar variant for the Eagle:

It’s the same installer as before (it installs both ships now) … taller.exe