New Forum Subgroup - Modding!


Could you possibly add a new subgroup to the GSB forum labeled Modding? I’d like to get a forum where we can share interests and start dissecting your game :slight_smile:

Anyone else interested in this type of forum?

As everything is pretty much a bitmap, modding would be super easy graphically as well as coding for those good at it. Let’s get the game stable in alpha before we go modding it though, lol

“This ain’t no stinkin’ alpha!”

As a beta I’m perfectly happy with modding in non-total conversion elements. Including things like new unlockable weapons, engines, armors, ect. Its never too early to start getting use to the file structure and such.

Good point on getting used to the file structure.

Also: looks like you got your wish!

Thank you kindly Mr. Harris.

Yay! I love mods. And Cliff has made this game so very easy to mod …

A ways down the road I could see a TC(Total Conversion) that makes this game into a World War 2 Naval game… just imaging what it would look like for the Bismark to shell the Yamato right now… so who wants to get started??

In all seriousness though, modding is really what gives a game life beyond it’s license. Half Life anyone? I’m sure a lot of designing and modding is self explanatory, but one of the first things I’d like to see are some tutorials stickied here. Some walkthroughs for people looking to design their own ships and weapon systems to start?

Making custom hull skins and such would be a blast too, even if they just replaced the skin of ships and completely adopted every other aspect of them.\

Ground Zero Games has a great number of starship miniatures (physical models) that I would love to convert to use in this game!

Yeah I could see this game getting modded into some sort of ground based combat if the strategy turns out to be deep enough >.>