New game? Design individual ships to compete vs other players' individual ships a la Starfleet Battles?


Yes. Starfleet Battles!

Any thoughts on a game that allows players to design their space ships? But instead of designing entire fleets, they players design one ship (or smaller ships, depending on the points allowed for the encounter).

Then, the players go head-to-head with other players (or AI), maneuvering and firing their weapons.

Similar to Starfleet Battles by Erik Bethke’s group at Taldren.


I think you meant to say “Steven V. Cole and his company Amarillo Design Bureau [size=75](and prior to that, Task Force Games)[/size]”. :wink:

ADB’s Star Fleet Battles – their tabletop, pencil-and-paper-and-dice, face-to-face battle simulation – predated the short-lived Windows PC Starfleet Command adaptation of SFB by two decades (1979, versus 1999). It was the foundation and the inspiration for what Interplay and Taldren accomplished much later. They merely followed the trail which ADB originally blazed through the wilderness.