New Group Activities

So far I’ve made one new group activity, a Book Club. Add the following to your social events csv file (take out the line breaks):

#,NORMAL,bookclub,Book Club,Discuss the pros and cons of different books with your friends!,Book Lover,bookclub,0,SOCFLAG_HOMEBASED,Call(dirtyhome);Call(homewithpets),"_random,1.0",“No one read the book this week.”,“The book was rather boring.”,“A great book. The conversation was wonderful.”,“Would you like to come over and have our book club meeting?”,8,0,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,3,-1,#,“conversation,0.4”,“culture,0.5”,“gossip,0.5”,#,




In the strings file I added nv_bookclub = “Book Club”

Here is another one - Talk on the phone. The drawback is you aren’t spending time with your pets because otherwise you can’t talk to friends who are allergic…it increases charisma, kudos and happiness and decreases fitness and loneliness. Copy the following to your social_events csv file (take out all of the line breaks!!):

#,NORMAL,talkonthephone,Talk on the phone,Chat with a friend!,Chatty Cathy,talkonthephone,0,"_random,1.0",

“Your friend didn’t let you get a word in.”,“The conversation was okay.”,“We had a lot to talk about!”,

“Would you like to chat for awhile?”,0,0,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,2,#,“conversation,0.4”,“gossip,0.5”,#,



Add nv_talkonthephone = “Talk on the phone” to your strings file.

Here is another one - Go to the beach. Copy the following into your social events csv file (take out all of the line breaks!!):

#,NORMAL,beach,Beach,"Go to the beach! Play volleyball, swim, and relax in the sun while enjoying fresh burgers and hot dogs on the grill.

“,Beach Lover,beach,0,”_random,0.5,weather_sun,0.5,weather_rain,-0.5",

“You forgot to bring drinking water and ended up in the hospital with heatstroke. A horrible day.”,

“Pretty good day although the water was a bit cold.”,“You had an excellent time! That’s exactly how a day at the beach should be.”,

“Want to go to the beach?”,0,0,5,8,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,3,-1,#,“sports,0.3”,“conversation,0.3”,“swimming,0.5”,“food,0.3”,#,



Add nv_beach = “Beach” to the strings file.
Add #,swimming,Swimming,0.25,# to the interests file.

Beach is available June - September. Going on a sunny day will improve the odds of a good time, going on a rainy day will decrease the odds of a good time. You need to have energy and confidence built up to do the activity (I figured wearing a swimsuit usually takes some confidence, LOL).

I made a Holiday Party one, available in November and December, add the following to your group activities file (take out the line breaks!):

#,NORMAL,holidayparty,Holiday Party,Have your friends over to celebrate the holidays!,Party Thrower,

holidayparty,0,“random,1.0”,“No one was in a festive mood, you’ve had a better time at a funeral.”,

“The party got off to a rocky start and everyone left early, but overall you had a pretty good time.”,

“Everyone seemed to have a great time and it was probably the best party you’ve ever had!”,

“I’m throwing a holiday party, would you like to come? It would be great if you could bring a dish to pass or a bottle of wine, thanks!”



Also add nv_holidayparty = “Holiday Party” to your strings file. Enjoy :o)