New GSB2 battle video!

Check out me explaining some of the new effects:



A few things:
1, how is rangekeeping handled with the parallax ships? If a ship is “in range” from one point of view and you scroll the screen so they appear farther away, would that change anything?

2, is the lighting direction user defined in the game proper? Say like in custom battle or something

3, most of the battle damage seem to be in a grid (look at the fast firing weapons), and for some ships go off the ship’s actual sprite. Might wanna look into that :stuck_out_tongue:

4, my laptop is a potato so I kinda want to know: is this game going to be more CPU bound or GPU bound?

its more cpu bound.
The grids thing is a bug on my todo list.
The game works out ranges, and positions in 2D, then it gets drawn in parallax. Nothing you do with the camera can affect gameplay :smiley:

About that!
In the GSB1, if you don’t look at the ship, or if you zoom far away from it (more than the base zoom), the tiny explosion the ship generate when it take damage don’t trigger (this mean that fighter are not ejected from below the shield)
We must conclude that it’s not true in GSB2?

two things i noticed.

1 that lens flare is rubbish i assume it just a placeholder (at the circles that come from the sun) as for the other lens flares (from light and such) i hope theres a slide for us to decide how michael bay we want our game (come to think of it if you put a slide you should make the max setting say “Michael Bay” for the lols (of course if that don’t conflict with copyrights)

2 i most strongly protest and background planetoids / stars moving with parallax, or at all, i mean i suppose you might get it to work with a close planet if or the local sun if you make it really slow but the distant stars in should not happen, this is all for the sake of… realism
i like my sif shot at things but is just sort dulls the mod when i see that a star thats probably 80 ly away renders in front of the planet were battling at

I loled at that.

I agree with both of these things, especially close stars meant to be the sun.