New GUI feature to help keep on top of car feature expectations...

This image shows the new feature I added today. The game now highlights car features that have become common (yellow) or even universal (red) and which you have researched but NOT yet applied to specific models

Another improvement to the UI. Vehicle Designer window now also lists features the AI has researched as ‘common’ or ‘universal’ which you haven’t researched yet. Clicking them takes you to the relevant R&D option.

That is awesome.

I have a question, are the scenarios in place pretty well balanced and set as desired? I love that even the first one is extremely challenging.
Also, if you haven’t already, please check out my new bug and issue post: viewtopic.php?f=57&t=19350

I’d also like to see more colors for the cars. And it would be cool if you added an extra category for customer desires that included car color. So if you’re making just brown cars (you should totally add ugly colors too!) people won’t buy them because they’d like blue, green, white, yellow, and red cars. But if you neglect brown cars, then those people who want a brown car won’t buy because it’s not available.

Awesome! In the same area, any ideas around mutually exclusive features? (LED vs Halogen lights) in this screen? One of the things I do is occasionally update my cars by selecting all the now-less-rare features and adding them to the model, but I keep flicking between M.E. features, like the lights or the sunroof. I can’t work out the best way to change it, but It might be the next big win on this screen.

This new feature however will fit really well into my process of versioning car models! but I do wonder what will happen when I have a model with a ME feature where both options are common…

Looks good and should make it obvious if you get behind in standard tech.

Looks brilliant! One of the big things that are missed in the current version is information about what the market wants so this is perfect!

Will the output be depended on the amount/quality of marketresearchers or will the information just always be correct?

Awesome stuff! Looking forward to seeing it in game!