New GUI window preview (Resource Objects)

Is this useful? (new tab on the efficiency window. Thought consumption figures may be interesting, also an indicator of how much stuff was in stockpiles. The blue progress bar is the percentage of total items, and the columns can all be sorted up/down by clicking the titles. This is due for 1.11.

Hi Cliff,

yes, that’s really usefull. Is it possible to add two more columns:

  • manufactured
  • use/manufacturing ratio

The manufactured is good to know to decide if it makes sense to build an additional manufacturing station.
The use/manufacturing ratio would help people who want to make as much part as possible at their own. So a ration < 100% means they need an additional slot or have to check the exitsting stations for ‘no export room’.

I really like that.
I would love to see the ‘prices’ tab in the finances window to be mixed with it. So you don’t have to switch back and forth between the windows all the time when figuring out what parts to produce yourself.

Aha good points. Yup, I figured people would want to know local/imported data, I just need to do the code to track that for each resource, as currently that isnt tracked.

I really like it as well…

I also like MaN1aCs’s suggestion for in-house manufactured components… but I would instead make the 2 Columns…

  • Produced/Hour (how many you produce in-house)
  • Imported/Hour (How many come in from resource importers)

That would be a lot more consistent with the “Consumption/Hour” as you can easily compare the values then. It basically gives you all the information you need to determine if you need to setup more manufacturing slots.

Another suggestion is the scaling of the progress bars… The bars are quite small and barely noticable. I would change it so that the component with the biggest value in that column would represent 100% and all others are scaled in relation to the biggest value. That would make the progress bars a lot more interesting to look at.

… and one question to understand the relations between the ‘per hour’ in the statistics and the Time of the station window.
Let’s take the Paint Undercoat as an example:

Time (at 100% speed) for a car assembling at this station is 7.90 sec
It’s running at 84% efficiency, means (7.90 sec div by 84%) completing this task every 9.4 sec.
Because of a usage of 3x paint per task every 9.4 sec it results in a usage of ~ 19 x paint per miunte (in 6.38 tasks per minute) or ~ 1149 x paint per hour (382.98 tasks per hour). That sounds very much because it is only one slot and i’ve 5 of them in use …

Is there a misunderstanding of time at my side or how is that related or will the statictics show the calculated value?

Thanks in advance!

I think 1 “second” in-game is actually 1 “minute” on the clock in game or at least they are very close together… (maybe the factor is 2 or 3 but 60 ingame seconds are never 1 ingame minute on the clock when you compare the clock and slot times. That means you don’t use 1149 paint per slot per hour but something like 3* 60 / 9.4 = 19.3 paint per slot per hour or something alike.

That said I think that the times displayed in slots should actually be ingame minutes instead of seconds… and it should work synchronized with the ingame clock. So it should say 9.40 Minutes for Painting in the slot window… or 28.40 Minutes for Drying or whatever. And when 28.40 minutes on the clock have gone by then the dryer has finished… or when 9.40 Minutes have passed on the Clock then the Painting is finished and so on, you get the idea. Which would make it more realistic because these jobs probably take really that long. It’s impossible to dry a car in 28.40 seconds. I can’t even do that with my hair in reallife.

… that would make it consistent/synchronized with the ingame clock. At least there really needs to be done something about that by Cliff in my opinion.

Currently it is inconsistent and behaves just awkward because the timescale in which slots work and the timescale in which the clock works and the per hour statistics are all different and not synchronized at all… Everything runs at different speeds so you can’t compare anything and for me that is just… “What the hell is going on there?”

This is also a good point because it shows the highest potencial to save money by making the part inhouse.

‘produced per hour’ is what I meant but not wrote (shame on me) so i fully agree :slight_smile:

Wow, this is such a good point. The whole game time/ day/ date thing is totally artificial because obviously you want to play a game in under 10 years real time, and yet we want to see cars moving and stuff animating, so there is kind of a fudge in there, but I agree, I should change all those times to be in-game minutes instead of ‘real-world’ seconds (which is currently how they are measured…

Regarding the bar-chart thing: yes I agree, I had considered doing it that way initially, but decided to go with this and see what people think of it.

Yupp, warping time can’t be avoided anyways if we want to see a day pass in the game. :smiley:

I think this is how it could be scaled (on Normal Speed):

  • 1 Real Life Second = 1 In-Game Minute on the in-game clock
  • 1 Real Life Minute = 1 In-Game Hour on the in-game clock
  • 24 Real Life Minutes = 1 In-Game Day on the in-game clock

That way the in-game clock would work already a lot faster than it is now (probably twice as fast because currently it seems like the in-game clock ticks up only once every 2 real life seconds)… and the in-game time would already pass 60 times faster than real life time.

While the Slots would basically stay at the same speed as they are just that each Slot has its stats displayed in In-Game Minutes instead (the values wouldn’t need to change from what they are currently… so 8.50s Paint finish just becomes 8.50m, 28.40s Dry Finish becomes 28.40m, etc…)

That would synchronize the in-game clock with the actual slot timings.

The per hour statistics would then be of course measured of in-game hours… so they always represent the past 60 real life seconds… per day/24h stats would then represent a 24 real life minutes time frame.

On normal speed that is. On faster speeds it would be different of course (with double speed an in-game hour would pass in 30 seconds then, an in-game day in 12 minutes… an effective speed up of 120 times over real life time).

I’d also like to see how much each resource costs, how much I’m paying per hour for them, and an option to sort by any of the columns (Name, imported, manufactured, et cetera).

This is great for manual input of stockpile settings and end game manufacturing of high demand products. :slight_smile:

Still, auto populate stockpile would be the most useful for newer players.

I literally just checked in the code that does this. Will be in 1.11 :smiley:



so when adding some more informations to this window an additional view to the %-bars would be great.
At the moment the %-bar at Consumption/Hour will be calculated by the sum of each value at the beginning. So while watching the statistics over some time the bars can exceed the column and window frame:

So even this window will show the Consumptzion/Hour of the last (instead of the actual) hour this still can happen.

… and one more point to check out when working on this window:

It looks like the Consumption/Hour means how often a resource has been imported.
At a factory with 110 to 120 cars per hour it should use appropriate quantities of the necessary components, e.g. 220 to 240 Trims (x2) or Wing Mirrors (x2) and 440 to 480 Door Panels (x4) or 550 to 600 Windows (x6). But the quantities of self produced components are lower:

Another example is Steel Sheets and Steel. When comparing the quantities ‘Total’ and ‘In stockpiles’ with ‘Comsumption/Hour’ of both I would expect a consumption of ca. 800 Steel Sheet per hour. The 368 pieces of Steel Sheets ‘In stockpile’ are related to 28 manufacturing slots that consume this component which is an average of 13 pieces per slot. But because 100% of the needed Steel Sheet are produced in-house nothing needs to be imported what would explain the 0 consumption:

Attached the custom map and the latest savegame I used for the screenshots.
crazy8_1.11_restart.rar (1.79 MB)
mission_crazy8.rar (11.8 KB)

That just sounds like a straight-up oversight by me! Once I get code in to trace local/imported numbers I will both fix this, and introduce a percentage indicator for how many are imported versus the total.