New here, cant win mission 1 after 8 tries.

Hello all :slight_smile:

Game is fantastic, although I like experimenting in this game, but I cant seem to win mission 1. Tried shields, armor, both, many diff weapons, target painter with missiles, but Ive yet to kill a cruiser. 8 tries and still got owned :smiley:

Maybe anyone will show me A way to be successful? :slight_smile: thanks in advance :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you playing 1.06 or 1.07? If you’re 1.06 then updating should solve your problems, if you’re 1.07 try a weapon that has high shield penetration values to burn through their shields, like plasma or missiles, if you’re not getting their shields down with missiles add more missiles.

1.06, i can’t seem to figure out where to get the patch. If i click online, nothing interesting happens there :slight_smile:

in the mean time i will search for patch in this forum

EDIT: ive reinstalled the game and now it says 1.07.

I bet that solved your problem right? your issues was a bug from 1.06 that got solved in 1.07.

yep, now missions are too easy :smiley: but i bet thats why different difficulties are for. As as space & universe games lover… i really enjoy this game. even before playing it :smiley: