New Idea - Flagships!

Hey all! First post ever here, hopefully it’ll spark some interest. Great Game this:), hope you keep adding stuff! Maybe like this suggestion:)…

Flagships! Capital Ships! or whatever you want to call it. It would be cool if each Alien Race had one key ship with lots of standard and turret slots which emphasizes each Race’s strengths and weaknesses. For example, the Alliance could have a massive ship with a very large armour boost, the Swarm might have a particularly fast ship that negates missiles. Etc Etc. Something similar to the Orbital Platform that someone posted in the forum. You could limit it to one Flagship per deployment to emphasize its importance.

You could have Rigicide Missions, where you have to protect your own capital ship, while destroying the opponent’s capital ship. It would definitely add a greater element of strategy to game play.

I hate to burst your bubblie but this idea has been tossed around many many times, with differant names, and sometimes the same. Before it was the limit on thw width of the ships as before going over a certain size whould crash the game. With that now fixed, It might be more of something to come.

Just thought I’d let you know its not new, but a well kicked around idea. That may one day come to pass.


I want a flagship.

Perhaps not as a ‘new’ ship, but for Campaign play, the flagship designation gives it some measure of boost, perhaps a unique module that the ship in question MUST carry, limited to one for the entire fleet(s)?

I long for just one game that WOULD accept a flagship…

But this is a SUGGESTION where I stand.

An ‘Admiral of the Fleet’ module that provides a race specific bonus to you ships until he dies.

Do we get to choose which Admiral of the Fleet? I mean, if I had the choice between Jellicoe and Beatty, well…you know what I mean. You can keep Wemyss & Dudley Pound, though; rubbish performance. Perhaps the Federation has good old “ABC” carefully iced-down in cryostasis for such an emergency? I sure hope so…I’d gladly give up two Eagle cruisers just to have him on my side, running the whole show! :wink:

Instead of a decrepid defrosted Admiral, i would rather have a Combat Information Center podule :slight_smile:

Oh hush, you. :wink: Once again, the tragedy of science: the slaying of a noble hypothesis by an ugly fact. Why, I hate to put words into somebody else’s mouth, but it almost sounds as if you’re trying to win this game. What an amusingly radical stance to take! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not at all my good sir :slight_smile:

Looking at the latest developments in GSB, we can now place ships larger than 256 onto the battlefield.
Add a few more turrets and you could call it a Flagship . .

Now we just need a way to apply a global bonus system to the fleet.
(I must admit having an avatar Admiral you can train and develop has appeals to me)

Sounds like some prefer a flagship to be larger, like a Battleship or Dreadnought class ship and others a module providing a strategic benefit. Can’t we have both?

An avatar Admiral as a player’s character might be neat.

A similar idea might be ship commanders who have limited ability to affect (interpret) their orders. Say, a frigate captain who is always cautious, or a cruiser commander who aggressively presses forward (speed bonus) and favors closer-than-specified ranges.

There is a curse on most games. I’ve seen it all to commonly that flagships are ALWAYS slammed down due to how powerful they are. I tell you its a conspiracy, and the fools dont see balance in it.

So I am glad this is getting more support than most sites, and that makes my ratings of this forum and this game MUCH higer. Believe me, with my imagineering skills, thats a great compliment.

what cursed fools they are… slamming down flagships.

Yes, yes yes yes until there is no more yes left.

Almost doubtlessly not going to happen. The three classes of ships are hard-coded into the game, so Cliff would need to do some MAJOR coding to add larger classes

Plus honestly, Capital ships of any class wouldn’t make much sense in GSB. They tend to actually have a lower throw volume then an equal investment in smaller ships would. (1 CR will shoot less then 4 frigates will.) That being said, their throw WEIGHT is much stronger, but generally will have a hard time shooting down (ie, DN weapons would basically ALWAYS miss against a moving frigate, and even against slow moving Cruisers wouldn’t stand much of a chance.) The only real reason to run capital ships in a games such as GSB is because other people are running them.

So while I’d LOVE to run a 50k fleet of 2 ships (not using mod’s), it will most likely not happen in GSB