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After a many hours playing here are my suggestions:

  1. SUBASSEMBLIES- for example engines could be made and then put into the body shells, same with gear boxes, dash boards, etc
  2. Multiple Floors - have multiple levels to your factory, so you can move subassemblies (etc) around easily- they do this in most car factories
  3. Multiple Buildings- Maybe start with a smaller building with a small office space, and then have possibility of buying more buildings, some for office space (research. marketing, market research) , some for manufacturing ( making cars, or car parts, maybe even other things) and some for distribution (moving assemblies, products, etc) and some for selling products.
    4)Complex Market AI- Supply and Demand, Cost for features, competitors, branding
    5)exporting of all car parts, could sell body shells to companies (meeting requirements for design) for example.
    6)overviews of production, a screen showing starved production cells, amount of parts each cell has made a shift.
  4. custom shifts- can plan lengths of maintenance and shift length (could affect worker happiness and amount of breakdowns)
    8)events- fires, breakdowns, chemical spills, worker strikes, travel disruption (limited items between buildings), affects of other businesses (eg increased cost of materials)
    9)other ways of delivering materials- autonomous robots, forklifts, lorries
  5. utilities- have to create water, sewage, electrical networks. this could include fire suppression systems that extinguish fires, etc

That’s all i can think of for now… lots to think about, looking forward to your feedback.

Thanks, UnboxTheReviews

I like the complex market idea. There should also be where you can use your researchers to determine how each market is different than the other.