New iPad!

Apple made a new iPad!
As I am a fan of all things apple (except foolish pricing and their secrecy), I just had to say it here :smiley:
What really amazes me is that they made the A5 dual core twice as fast as the original iPad core, which ever that one was. It also also has 5 times faster graphics.
They also released it relatively quickly after the first iPad. I have a little theory about this: They released the first iPad knowing that they could easily continue developing it as soon as their new core was finished. That explains the huge jump. It makes it look amazingly high tech.
Comment or what ever you like, but no “Apple/PC is stupid, blah blah blah”, it doesn’t help anything.

which means that they already know how to make it go ten times as fast, but they keep it a secret so that they can make more money :slight_smile:

oh, apple. you clever company! ^^

i cant comment or speculate since i have never owned an apple product… but i can use information that ive gathered from a trusted source (phillip defranco FTW!) ^^

even if they don’t know how to make it go faster right now, I am still amazed at how fast apple develops new technology. It seems like 3 times a year they radically increase their processors’s speed, their screen resolution, their battery, time, their performance, etc… And decreasing size right and left. I don’t mean to flame or diss microsoft, but as far as I can see, they are trailing behind.
My practical theory is that since apple makes the hardware and software, they can develop faster with less need to check if its compatible for this, that, all those little things that come with developing software and then sending it out. But I still wish that I could build my own mac wistful sigh
My conspiracy theory is that Steve Jobs or someone in Apple is from the future and slowly releasing future technology. Expect the iTime watch/time machine around 2020 :wink: This fits with why we aren’t supposed to open up a mac/iphone/ipod/ipad: They have organic or quantum computing going on in there!

my conspiracy theory ist that they are all aliens xD

thay are doing an experiment to see how much they can screw humans before they get busted ^^

lol :slight_smile:
Blame apple for AIDS (Apple Induced Delirious Salespeople)

Exactly! :slight_smile: