New Job Not Working

Why is my new job not working?
i have made an army job but it is not working. This could be because i’m not saving it in the right file or the csv file or the file type. I need help!!! :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

Post up the details so we can have a look at it. It’ll be impossible to help otherwise :astonished: :confused:

name = army1
guiname = Private
maledesc = Bottom of Army Life - Private
femaledesc = Bottom of Army Life - Private
employer = Scottish - Italian Army
workplace = camp
industry = other…
minsalary = 21,250
maxsalary = 25,000
tips =
locked = 0
rarity = 0.71
sociability = 0.8
socialkudos = 0.2
promote0 = muscle,
promote1 = italian
promote3 = muscle
commutedistance = 1.2
duration = -1

0 = muscle, 0.50
1 = italian

0 = fitness,0.7
1 = tiredness, 0.1_TIRED_DEGRADE
2 = muscle, 0.6

is this any help?

I’ll try it locally but in the meantime …
Lose the commas from
industry = other…
minsalary = 21,250
maxsalary = 25,000
promote0 = muscle,

And put in a value for the prereq for italian

According to the webpage [color=red]socialkudos is not used.

still not working. does it make any difference that i downloaded the game as a demo from i got a code to enter when i bought the game and could not find anywhere to enter it on the positech website’s version

you are not buying it from us, but through a third party (games3downlaod) who then go through ANOTHER thrid party (reflexive), so I have no idea how they are handling it. It’s always 100 times easier to find out who developed a game (in this case Positech) and get the game direct from them ;(