new jobs

hi guys

just had a great idea for new jobs. here is a list of what i think.

banking career
police career( could involve forensics)
and the option to become a pop star and millionaire.

tell me what you think :question:

I like them all. I was trying to add a pop star one myself, but couldn’t figure out where he has music careers hidden.

I did add District Attorney in Legal, TV Weatherperson in Journalism, Secret Shopper in crapjobs and something else that I can’t remember at the moment, lmao.

Was thinking of adding aerobics instructor next, couldn’t decide if it should go in crapjobs or if it should go in with security since it will be based on fitness, lol. Also, librarian…heck, if your IQ is ok and you read alot of books, that is another good one.

Yeah, good ideas - be sure to take time and implement those jobs. I intend to implement these (but i’ll need a few additional skills taught):
psychiatrist (needs psychology study)
secretary (with good people skills)
and driving jobs :bulb: , such as
delivery service (common, lowest pay, med tiredness/stress gain, low weight gain/health decr)
taxicab driver (common, low paid, high boredom, med tiredness/stress gain & weight gain, gives experience in driving)
truck driver (rare, high pay, high boredom/loneliness gain, med tiredness gain/health decr, rare, needs experience in driving)
Just need time to properly implement and equilibrate… probably the next week.

Who will be the first to publish :smiley: ?

driving jobs are a cool idea, a good way to recoup your investment in the lessons.

If driving jobs were to be implemented, would it be possible to move the driving lessons to a “night class”? It could go under the same category as kung fu and such, but since it would be a requirement for the job I think it would be nice to have it as a class.

I like the idea about the driving. I think it would be a great addition to a great game.

Keep the ideas coming guys.

so far they are really good

I added a few keyboard shortcuts for what will become 1.20 at some stage, so I might add some driving jobs there too.

You’re so sweet!

okay I brainstormed about the Pilot idea and I came out with a lot of new things, but I have nowhere to put them online too, any ideas?

go to the modding part of the forum, there are other jobs there that people have added.

Goody, goody! :smiley: Allright, so I shan’t spent time on driving jobs (relaxed sigh) :smiley:

I thought it might be interesting to have a certain element of danger in the game such as when the player gets mugged he or she might have to be hospitalized or even die thus ending the game. It could be a risk thing, If he or she gambles on going to a certain section of town for say a underhanded buisness bribe, say he or she is a lawyer, and takes the risk of getting whacked for the big bucks.

Or maybe a detective job, where different kinds of dangers pop up from time to time such as personal favors, or monitary bribes, or free vacations, etc. If the detective takes the personal favor he gets say free donuts and coffee and decreases his stress level, or some such thing. Anyway I might try to do something with the game along those lines if I can. so far i’ve raised the saleries of the ‘other jobs’ so that there is no need to go to school to get rich. My waitress job opens at 68000 a year. That’s like what 130,000 in dollars right?