New Mega Factory - 33 Slots Wide

Hi Cliff and everyone, I Made another one. Last one was 18 Slots Wide, This one is 33 Slots wide.

Starts with 300 Million, Blank Slate. I figure if nothing else, it can be used for more optimization. I will keep playing this one until I get all the Designs made, and see how much of the market I can take over.

There may be a conveyor unconnected here or there, since they don’t autoconnect when you place conveyors perpendicular to slots, but I think I got most of them

When you load the save, it may hang, and seem not to work but it just takes a while to configure the imports.

This is the Template you need in the custom folder
MegaFactory.txt (7.64 KB)
This is the save
33 Slots Wide Mega.xml (6.4 MB)
This is a screenshot

So I missed some conveyor connections, but i think I have them all fixed now. By this save I have all the designs unlocked and I am working on balancing what the market needs. Just Purged the Line so It can Start over.

Have Fun. Use the template from above

Here is the latest save
A Fun Screenshot

new.xml (11.3 MB)

Holy crap, whats the performance like?

where is the save location now? I can’t find anything about it

nvm forgot this game uses the my documents folder. not many games do that