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This is obviously in the wrong forum, but who cares.
I just bought all the DLC with the game on steam and have played for a while.
I must admit, its fun. I suck with any race except Federation and Swarm, but swarm is my favorite.
Anyway, i’m EggNogger, glad to meet you.

Hi! For some reason i can’t fathom, most of the regular members (and Cliffski,the developer) are AWOL right now. I guess because it’s the weekend?

We’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of challenges and are having problems keeping up with them all?
I usually try and fight every challenge posted but now it seems I finish one and six more have popped up.


I can see why.
Anyway, i’ve played it for about 5 Hours and have gotten up to The Chaos Nebula.
I hate anomalies.
And whats that “Space cadet” thing below me? Is it some badge or ranking?

More posts the higher it goes.
So I guess its a ranking on your verbosity.


Hey everyone, I also just purchased the game (and DLC) from Steam, having only seen the demo, and WOW! It is so much better, a really great game all around. Reminds me a lot of Sins (my favorite 4X game ever!) Just wanted to say hi to everyone and thanks Cliff and his artist for all the awesome work that went into this.

EggNogger, Shadowhawk101, and all of our new would-be admirals:

Seriously, welcome aboard! Make good use of our forums – they’re a goldmine of useful data.

You got it, mate. Me, I’m shooting for quality instead of quantity…I’m mostly at the Modding forum.

Such a nice forum. C: