new Mod!?!?

I’m thinking about creating a Mod race based on aquatic life forms and shizz and I am wondering seeing as I’m a total newb to moding) how difficult would it be :S many thanks.

This post might be better suited over here in the modding forum :slight_smile:

As how how difficult, GSB is very easy to modify. Here are some of the basics

If you need help, just post a thread in the modding forum, someone should be able to answer your question.

Haha lol sorry Dx noob fail there i just realised after posting, thanks for the links :slight_smile:

You gotta have a sponge xD and swordfish YES awesome :D, and would there be any way to make armour have a worse chance of lucky hits but have more armour points?

None that’s moddable by players. That would require Cliffski to change core functionality within the game. Why don’t you post that to him on the Suggestions forum?

ships with actual moving parts? now thats something that i would love to see…
hey even something as simple as the Boron capital ships from X,the ones with the rotating tail looking sorta like a giant drill,would be awesome

If you open a new thread at the Modding Forum with your questions, that would be a good way for you to get started.