New patch 1.17 adds Hamsters, Parrots ....

on the patches page now. I’ll update the demo and full copy now.


1.17 You now get peopleskills from social events that are successfull with 4+ people. Added new pets -> parrot and hamster

doesnt work for me when i click it sends me back to the main page :confused:

Aha, that was a deliberate mistake :smiley:. Fixed now.

My hamster died! But I didn’t have a hamster!

It died again! Maybe I should buy one… and let it die :wink: Sort of hamster-ghostbusterthingy.

Oh damn. I hadnt thought of that. Jesus. I’ll fix it right now.

Ok, should be fixed now, reapplying the patch again should fix it. Cheers for reporting that!
Time for bed…

My pleasure! Oh, and there was one character I couldn’t load. An Asian male, blond? Black shirt with a biohazard logo. So I’m back to Tim. Who is now called Random. Because I couldn’t load my savegame. Which was just as well!

you might possibly have downloaded one of his avatar files and not the other. Sadly, it doesn’t check you get them both, and it will get upset if you don’t.

it doesn’t work for me :open_mouth: it gives me an error, so I can’t run the game.

applying the latest patch gives an error? if you have a problem, and its a copy bought direct from me, email me and Ill activate a download link for you.

I did a reinstall (because I wasn’t sure what I changed to the config) and forgot to patch again before starting a new game. I seem to remember that the patch will disable saved games, won’t it? Idiosyncracy is finally starting to earn some money… and he’s so happy, dumb sweet boy that he is.

Got it to work with old games using Cliff’s Own Approved Method: 1) Find a new game that’s been saved after you travel to the shopping mall. 2) Copy the pet data beneath the part of that saved game (edit it with something like Notepad). 3) Paste the portion you copied, which is all about pets, into the relevant portion of your old saved game. 4) Save. Baste lightly until golden brown. Serve.