New patch available (1.23)

I apologize if I misunderstood you.

Cliff, consider alerting Gamezebo to Democracy 2. I don’t know if they’d consider it “casual” enough, but it’s worth a shot. They do have quite a following.

Ok here we have 105. I changed tons of stuff here, so a small patch would have been a nightmare to do, so I’m afraid I recommend a re-download again…
This should be the last patch for a while, I’ll concentrate on adding some new data (through the auto updater) for a while now.


Made minimum wage law increase chances of a cheap imports problem.
Adde pre-requisites system and changed numerous policies and situations for greater balancing. including...
Increased child care costs and linked them to GDP.
Border controls can now affect tourism boom.
Added complacency and per-voter cynicism.
Linked Married tax allowance costs to GDP.
Increased ID card scheme costs.
New Positech Logo!
Save games now save out overall vote histories.Fixed typo in maternity pay slider (thanks tom)
Winter fuel now reduces poverty (thanks tom)
Fixed typo is satellite road pricing (thanks tom)
Fixed typo in foreign president dilemma (thanks Bip)
Added slider for sound effects volume (thanks Bip)
Policies now quote amounts per turn not per month which was incorrect (Thanks Bip)
You can now click the entries on the pie chart key to go to an item, and the old window is underneath.(Thanks Bip)
Added Term limits to the game, adjustable in new game screen. (Thanks tom)[/code]

How does the new prerequisite feature work ? Can i add prerequisites to policies, not only to situations ?

Where the heck is the link to download the patch, I can never find them :question:

You have to re-use the link that you were sent by E-mail when you ordered the game.

As far as I recall, prerequisites should work for everything.

So that means I will have to reinstall the game right?

ANd; prerequisites?

Yes, you will have to reinstall. I don’t know about prerequisites, you will have to wait for Cliff to answer that.

So all my mods and saved games will have to be backed and then remodded into the game?

Well, i tried to add a prerequisite in the policies.csv file ,placing it after the #Effects tag,among effects (prereq,RailSubsidies) and it did not work, the game crashed. In which column or columns of the policies.csv or simulation.csv files should the prerequisites be added,since there is no example of this in the original game files (there is a prereq in the situations.csv file only ) ?


Although Cliff probably wouldn’t recommend this, the easiest way to make sure that (most) of your mods and saved games are not lost (although I would back them up just to be sure) would be to install the new version over the top of the old one (ie. without uninstalling the old one).That’s what I do. I’m don’t think that old saved games are compatible with the new version, though.

What you will lose whatever way you do is it any modifications you have made to the sliders file (any new sliders you have installed) which I think you have. You may want to back up the existing sliders file and then copy that back over the new one, although you will then lose the slider typo fixes that Cliff has put in the new version.

You will also lose the modified version of the situations file that I have created (if you have it). Whether you currently have it or not, I would strongly recommend you (re)download the new version from the appropriate thread - do not try to use the version I released last night for 1.04. You can then install that using the autoinstaller that comes with it.

Hope this helps.

Prerequisites are an influence thing, not an effect. And example can be seen with rail strikes in the situations.csv. Basically this new value looks like this:


and this means that if RailSubsidies is not active, then the normal calculation for this object is ignored, and forced to zero. You can use them on situations, and on dilemmas (which also have influences) and in events.

I know it’s a bit off topic, but I’ve always wondered (since Democracy 1) - why do you have rail strikes if you have a low level of rail subsidies, but not if you have no rail subsidies at all? Surely some subsidies are better than none?

Indeed, Its a tricky one, because obviously underinvestment could lead to strikes, but it depends how the money is allocated, and how many peopkle were employed etc etc. The strikes are a very gross simplification of this, designed to simulate the whole thing.
Ideally, the policy would have multiple sliders. One would be investment, and another would be a labour / capital split. But even then, are you concentrating on employing many people (reducing unemployment) or paying a decent wage? (keeping union happy and reducing strikes). It gets very complex.
Plus… what about private railways? surely they exist without the government subsidising? or do they? Most European countries seem to give huge public subsidies to the railways, which is where the Democracy model is coming from. But what’s the situation in the US?

Just released an updated version you can patch to: (only use the patch if you have version 1.05 of the FULL game) … tch106.exe

here are the changes

Just downloaded the patch :slight_smile:.

Ill return with comments later, but the changelist is quite small-yay for bugfixes :smiley:.

Doesn’t work.

As soon as I start the PosiPatch, I get these errors, in 3 separate windows:

“File Open Failed: Democracy2.exe” - “Patching process has failed”
“CRC failed” - “Patching process has failed”
“Democracy 2 patcher” - “Patch Failed”

That’s very strange. you can reuse your download link to grab the whole game again, that should work fine, This patch only works on version 1.05. If you already have 1.06, it will fail.

Just a thought: Does it have anything to do with where I placed the game, because I didn’t install it in the default folder ?

The errors appear immediately after I start the patcher, and considering how outdated my PC is, I don’t think it searched my entire HD for the file…

Excuse me if this is nonsense, but I’m not that familiar with how a PC works yet…

when you select where to install it, you need to make sure it exactly picks where the game is. It might try to add ‘democracy2’ on the end of that path when it doesn’t need to.