New patch available (1.23)


I presume that events such as religious condemnation have the wrong figures in influences then? It is currently “Religious,0.8-(0.7x)", but presumably it should be something like "Religious,0.45-(0.35x)”? Otherwise you get a very high value of 0.8 when religious folk are indifferent to you.

Can you confirm exactly which variables range from 0 - 1 and which from -1 - 1? Is it just voter happiness that is on the latter scale? What about voter group membership?


Ok this little patcher:

Tweaks those events to be as they should be. Those of the ones I thought needed adjusting. It doesn’t change the exe or the version number. I’ll incorporate these changes in to the normal 1.07 build later today and re-upload them.
Basically if you bought 1.07 before today you should run that, and it wont do any harm if you don’t need to.

Nicely spotted BTW, the old values did work fine, they just didn’t give the results expected, so it was an obscure one. All you people who have been having a go at the retired voters are in trouble now :smiley:.


I’ll triple check, but as i recall, the only values that go from -1 to + 1 are voter group happiness. everything else is 0 to 1.0


Thanks, Cliff. I fear two other points I made above may have gone unnoticed in the dealing with the other points that were raised. If you’ve had a look at them, please ignore this post:


hi sorry to annoy anyone with what maybe a stupid question but if im unsure i have to ask, anyway

i bought the game yesterday (3 Jan 2008) and just lookin at the forums for the first time today and see the new 1.07 patch, does my copy of the game at this version, im not sure where to check as im gettin my home internet sorted over the next week to properly register the game and all

can anyone advise me on this please and thanks in advance


If you bought and downloaded the game yesterday, you will have the latest 1.07 patch, except for the fix to the events that Cliff has done this morning. For that, you will need to download the new patch from … Events.exe and install it.

Hope this helps.


I suspect that is because of this:

CalculateCurrentEffect(); if(PHost->GetType() == Neuron::NT_POLICY) { SIM_Policy* ppol = (SIM_Policy*)PHost; return CurrentEffect * (ppol->GetImplementation() * ppol->GetMinisterialCompetence()); } else { return CurrentEffect; }

It is likely to be ministerial competence. So you have thrown lost of money at the rail subsidies, but the idiot minister has wasted most of it so they are still on strike :smiley:
Does that seem the right explanation? if you know the policy implementation is full, and the minister competence is high, then it could be a bug.


Indeed. It’s not working with certain combinations of keys and mouse clicks, but I thought I’d get it enabled for modders like yourself first, and in the meantime I’d work on it to get a more user friendly version up and running. I know it has many issues that need fixing.
You are referring to the CTRL+SHIFT stuff just used by modders yes?


Yes, that sounds right. It would be helpful if that was shown in the new events/dilemmas/situations debugger, though, as things like that, and “default” values, are not, and that means that it is very confusing when you are trying to look at what is causing a dilemma, situation, etc. and the values that are shown do not add up to anything near the final outcome value.

For example, with some items, I’ve seen the figures come to absolutely nothing like the outcome value, but then when I check the file, it turns out that’s because there is a default in that does not show. The same with this: it looked like there was some kind of error, but it was just because of an “invisible” input that did not even show up in the debugger. In fact, being able to see the effect of something like this is probably one of the main benefits that the debugger would have, as it’s something you don’t normally consider when you write the situation.

By the way, what sort of effect does ministerial competence actually have? How extreme is it? What is deducted when ministerial competence is 2, for example, and what is added when ministerial competence is at the maximum?


Yes, I am referring to that. It is not just a certain combination of mouse clicks. When I click on an event or whatever in the list, I get it up properly on the inputs screen, but if I click the outputs tab, I can’t get that up. I get outputs for a different event. Therefore at the moment, unless you know of a different method, I can’t actually access that information. However, I have to say that the information I can access (the inputs), is very useful. Thanks Cliff.


I notice that the from that policy is say directy in /mods/bitmaps not ]/mods/bitmaps/policies.

Does this mean the new mods folder is for policy bitmaps only or will others work? If they will work do they require the relevant additional folders or should they all just sit in the bitmaps base?

Just tidying up my installation and thought I’d double check!


No, I know at least that you can put flags in it. No need for subfolders.


I’ve been * stupid.
I didn’t keep my email with the link.
Any chance to update my game?
Thanks for any advice.

ps: I think i got the game around beginning of december - but I am not sure.



The game actually doesn’t care about bitmap subfolders, as long as its in bitmaps or the mods bitmaps. The folders are purely for visual purposes to aid organisation.


Sure, i just triggered a new email for you.


Thanks a lot, if only big companies like EA would be so helpfull :slight_smile:


Alexander87, oh we WISH they were as helpful, or as willing to listen to suggestions to their games. My fiance has me addicted to Fable. Come to find out that Microsoft hasn’t released a patch for the game, just a god awful long list of FAQ and “problems encountered”. Then it lists workarounds. God forbid their programmers actually DO something about them. That being said, EA is one of the better big companies when it comes to updates. Though i hate the fact that their updates (at least for Command & Conquer 3) kill your saves.


heh. I worked at lionhead when we did Fable. I didn’t work on it, but I did play it a bit in the test room. I thought it was great when you were a kid stealing stuff and running around being told off by adults. they should have made the whole game like that :smiley:.



I bought and downloaded the game yesterday. First of all, thanks a lot for it!

And now - for something completely different: I have to report two and a half bugs, all with the (new) UK mod…

  1. At some moment, my party membership dropped to zero and did not rise again (despite approval rates of over 90%).
  2. After a very successful election, the “Voting intentions” indicator dropped to zero, and stayed there (accordingly, bringing me 0 votes in the next election).
  3. I also had problems with the rail strike. I had all problems long eliminated, a large budget surplus and reserves, but I couldn’t do anything to the strikes. It seemes to me that the only way to end it is to significantly raise the overall wages, which is (at least for me) as impossible as unrealistic.

PS. To join the current discussion - I’ve worked as a tester for EA for a while. “We don’t do patches - just updates” ;-]



The first and third issue you report are known issues, and do not just affect the UK mod. Not sure about why the second happened, but I doubt that it is mod related.

The first is related to voter cynicism, see viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1320 for more information.

The third has been reported by me here: viewtopic.php?p=6980#p6980 and Cliff has asked for comments on it but not rectified the issue yet to the best of my knowledge. If you want to tweak it, you can edit the values in the C:\Program Files\Democracy2\data\simulation\Situations.csv file. Open it in Excel or notepad, and, if you want to use Cliff’s new suggested values, find the Rail Strikes line, replace LabourLaws,0+(0.3x) with LabourLaws,-0.3+(0.3x) and RailSubsidies,0-(0.5x) with RailSubsidies,0-(1.0x).

Hope this helps.