New patch available (1.23)


Possibly, I wouldn’t rule it out.


Tiny patch today to 1.171


Patch: (from 1.71 only) … ch1171.exe

If you aren’t having performance problems, you might just happily skip this patch.


Not worth doing a patch for this minor tweak:


Is this incremental or can I download straight to 1.172


I jus downloaded 1.16 from Paradox’s Gamers Gate, and there is no USA scenario, unlike in the demo. Where is it, and there are patches available, but the update button doesn’t find any. ANy help?


all patches are incremental from the previous one.
The USA (among other countries are found here:


The ingame update button will not download patches or new versions - it will only download new content such as policies, dilemmas, etc. All the patches are available in this thread, so if you have 1.16, you need to download the following patches: … tch117.exe … ch1171.exe

And install them in that order.


Thank you.


That’s a very ‘courageous’ forum name you have there :smiley:


patch 1.18 today, just some minor data fixes:

I haven’t done a patch from earlier versions yet, but if you really want to upgrade you can reuse the full download link,


And what is this link, please?

Edit: I have full 1.12 for a long time (year+ ?) I’ve missed more scenarios and assumed that in-game update was all there was.


Are you sure that you’re talking about Democracy 2? It’s not been out for a year yet. 1.12 only came out in February, so you can only have had that for 5 months. The download link will be in the E-mail that you got when you purchased Democracy 2 - the one you used to download the game initially. If you have lost the link, E-mail Cliff and he can send it again.


Hello. I recently purchased the game from a shop. How do I get hold of the 1.18 patch?


I’m pretty sure you didn’t buy democracy 2 from a shop, because the game isn’t in shops!
If you did buy it from a shop, I’d love to know which one and what the box looked like…


Ok here is patch 1.20, it updates from 1.19. Anyone buying the game from today onwards direct will have 1.20 anyway.



   [ ... tch120.exe](

Any problems, email me at


so if i need 1.19, where do I go to get it?

not finding a link on this post…

would be nice if the support section had downloads instead of hunting around on the forums…


Damn, I haven’t yet done a patch from 1.18-1.19. The easiest solution now if you aren’t on dialup is to just redownload the whole game from the purchase link, it’s already patched to the very latest version.


Ok this patch should work better: … tch121.exe


I am running DEM2 1.17.1. The auto update doesn’t seem to do anything.

Is there are readme to see what I am missing? I am all modded up and don’t know that I want to wipe out my mods by reinstalling 1.21 from scratch?

My mods were installed under the game install directory and not under documents and settings (however I didn’t install any mods which would overwrite original files).

So, I downloaded 1.21, but I am confused as to what I should do. Thanks.


they should co-exist fine, I don’t think there are any problems with mods from 1.71 and the latest version, so you should be safe to install over the top, unless your mods actually changed core game files. I think that its only the exe that changed since 1.171 anyway.