New patch available (1.23)


I hope there is a Mac patch coming soon because the Mac version is crashing so often while playing.


Finally got round to buying the game today (There’s only so much Malaganga I can take :p)

Lovin’ it and only 1 problem (but it’s not major)

If I win the scenario and then decide to play another game, I can’t click on an option. The buttons highlight but thats it. I can’t click ‘Back’ either so pressing ‘Escape’ and quitting and then loading up again is the only way round it. Not a major problem, only takes a few seconds but I thought you should know.

It’s probably me isn’t it? :wink:

As far as I know, My missus (who has the Mac version because I got her addicted to the demo) hasn’t had this problem



I think I reported this bug a long time ago:



So… how do I patch my game up to the latest addition? Do I really have to download the full game once again? If so… how do I make it so that it is fully playable. I bought the game but I’m not sure where I have the number for it… was there a number? Anyway, what all would I need to do? Is the number to activate the game the one in the ‘online’ section of the game?


you can run the patches listed in this thread, but unless you are on dial-up, it’s easier to just re-download and reinstall the whole game again tbh.
The game no longer uses the serial codes.


Latest patch: … tch123.exe

This patches from version 1.22 only. You can always redownload the full game. This is a tweaked version of the beta 1.23 patch. The changes:


How do I upgrade from 1.2.1? I don’t see any links to the full version and the above patch is for 1.2.2 which doesn’t appear to actually exist.


+1. Isn’t the update menu in the game supposed to allow us a clean update ?


The update menu in game was only to update some extra files that got modded to the game ‘officially’, not to change the core .exe which it cannot do.
I recommend just re-downloading the whole game if you don’t have the exact version number the patch needs. The full version is always fully patched and then you know 100% that everything is how it should be. Otherwise there can be problems patching depending on what mods are installed etc.


Hi Cliffski

Does that include the Gamersgate version?


Too bad. Unfortunately, it looks like I lost the mail where my license key was displayed. If I uninstall v1.21 & install 1.23 from scratch, I will just loose the game ^^


I haven’t’ sent out emails to gamersgate or stardock yet, I’ll do this now.
Nobody should need a license key any more, the DRM is removed, you should be able to get updated versions from the selling website (leave it till tomorrow and they should have them).


Cheers, Cliff!

Looking forward to seeing the changes!


Hmm… Gamersgate version is still downloading as 1.21.


I’ll get that fixed, Cheers.


hi cliff!

thanks for creating such a great game.

i do support your game, no piracy :slight_smile: its great!

i got this problem, i cant redownload the game to become 1.23 for some reason.
my game is currently at 1.21

i tried downloading your latest 1.23 patch but i cant install it cause it only works from 1.22
could you kindly provide an update from 1.21 to 1.22?

i look forward to your reply. keep up the good work!



Hi, the easiest thing is to just re-download the whole game using the original buy link, that way its automatically ready-patched,


Hi Cliffski, I have the same problem as xiaosa.
When I go to the download link it says:
"Cannot download

This product is no longer available for download, this may be due to the maximum number of allowed attempts exceeded or the allotted time.
Please contact the manufacturer of the product for support."

I would really like if you could provide a collection of old patches, as otherwise I’m stuck with 1.18.


Damn. Can you email me with the details you sued to buy the game and I’ll re-enable the download.
Sorry about the hassle.


Just downloaded form GamersGate as well… still 1.21.

I’m not in a hurry to get 1.23 right now, as I have only played the demo and I have a lot to experience with 1.21, but it would be appreciated that GamersGate sets the last version of the game ASAP.

Thank you for trying to fix this! And thank you for this great game, keep up with the good work!