new patch

hello all,
first off let me just say i love the game.
but, are we going to have to download the whole game everytime you patch it , or can we us the update program or just download the patch itself some where, it is not that big of file to download but i do not get very good speeds from the source. any just wandering, thanks. again i love the game.

well i did what i thought i should , i click the online tab in the game, it said that i should use the link i got in email to redownload the game and it would be version 1.01 but when i did that i got 1.00 again.
can anyone tell me how to get patch. thanks guys.

Are you sure that you got 1.0? When I downloaded the new version it showed version 1.0 in the version information if I held my mouse over the icon or right-clicked and clicked properties -> version, but in the game it had the correct version number, and it is definately the updated version that I am playing.

hello again.
yeah i downloaded it again and when i held mouse over it said version 1 but i went ahead and deleted old copy and installed new and it was the new version.
well maybe this will help someone else who has same prob. ok thanks for reply

The thing is, the game cannot patch itself easily, so if the .exe changes, then I need you to redownload it. If data files change 9say i add some mroe policies or encyclopaedia stuff) then the online tab will download them no problem.
I know big downloads can be a pain. it drives me mad when big name games release a ‘demo’ of 1,300 MB.

I’m at work so I can’t see the size of the files (although I am tempted to install the game here too :wink: ), but I’m guessing that downloading just the .exe would save at least some time, compared to downloading everything.

Would it be worth giving the option to download just the .exe and then manually copy it over to the right place? (With the full download still available for anybody who lacks the skill or confidence to do this - hey, there are such people out there!) Or perhaps even an installer that copies the .exe and any other new files into the right places, so the user can just click it and let it do the work for them. Or does this pose hidden problems?
Not that it matters to me, my download doesn’t take too long - but still long enough for me to lose twice!

I plan to get my old Kudos rock legend patcher to handle the exe replacement, in time for any future .exe patch.

Cool. Really I’m just happy that there was a first patch to download so soon! :slight_smile: