New pathfinding + Missions?

Hi Cliffski,

First of all, I really love this game. Keep up that good work and videos! I’ve two suggestions for the game:

  1. Is it possible to make the path finding a little bit smarter? For example: I’ve an Aircon station but make an alternative root to avoid this station. Cars without the Aircon should go that way (also if the station is shorter). This should also be a nice feature when the different engines are going in. We can make an part of the factory for assembling Electric engines, Hybrid, Diesel and Petrol? The car knows that it needs an Electric engine, and go that way. So every car needs an sort of “station path” which it will follows.

  2. Maybe it’s nice to have something like missions in the game. So that an big seller wants 50 pickup trucks in the black color with certain features. Then you have to switch the line for making them (or you could create an separate line for these missions).

Maybe you can do something with it :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for the game!

Based on the suggestion for missions: now you only have a few scenario’s where you have different sizes of factories and budgets. I’d like to see that “real” scenario’s are implemented, for example:

  • Save a factory from going bankrupt
  • Produce a specific amount of (specific) cars in a specific time span
  • Dominate the market (i.e. 95% market share)
  • and so on…

Probably there is already a thread on this, but maybe we can start a new one and pin it to place suggestions for those missions or scenarios.

Yeah, I find the topic with “contracts” as well. That was the idea of these “missions” as well. Should really add a boost to this game.