New photoshop ship resources

Some quick re-renders of some nomads ship components you might find use for, if you are splicing ship designs together They are all 512pixels square, with an alpha channel included, in PSD photoshop format. Enjoy!

looks great, if only i knew how to photo shop well :stuck_out_tongue:

Y not to post the files in a better universal format like .PNG?? nice resources, a shame that i dont use phtoshop -.-

Lots of other programs can open them, I know paintshop pro can, I suspect GIMP does too?

I’d use these if i had a program that could open these.

Or knew how to use photoshop :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice resources cliff ^^ will be useful if I ever consider making new Nomad ships for my mod.

Oh, and aren’t the first & seventh downloads the same? :slight_smile:

@other people
GIMP can open .psd files without trouble so I don’t see any need of photoshop here. I don’t know about though.

ok ok , i didnt know gimp can open psd files -.- sorry for the nooby lines… ^^