New player of GSB questions

Hi All,
I am actually just start to play this game and I wonder if I can play against my own troops?
which means can I deploy on both side of the map to run a simulation battle for myself?

Thanks All!
My version is both ipad and PC steam full exapand pack.

Hi percycpcpc and welcome to the forums.

Yes you can, the simplest solution is to post yourself a online challange.
That way it will be cross platform compatible :slight_smile:

Actually since i think posting a challenge online seems silly when i just wanna test between 2 different fighter power, so i am seeking a way out.
nvm, i will try it out.

Anyway, thanks for the reply!

ah, if that is the case then there is another solution :slight_smile:
Let me introduce you to the world of modding <>


Also, actually i am trying to make it a simulator for my Space TRPG group.
So if there is a way for me to simulate it on my own computer, it would be much easier.

I am currently running a Roleplay game on a future space theme.
I wonder if i can run GSB as a simulator for my player to view the battle scene, it would be amazing.

Do you mean this link?
I will try and study it a bit.


I have something more specific in mind - once its ready i will send it your way.
But yes, that place is a very good place to start (and it will help you decipher what i am putting together)

Thanks a lot!