New Player questions on some problems I've had


I keep having troubles with my cabinet members, I just can’t keep any of them happy (Even the ones that I’m actively gaining support from in their group), this then keeps me from having enough political points by the time the economy inevitably collapses when I need the points the most.

Also does anyone have any tips, like perhaps I’m implementing too many policies too soon or something, I’m not really sure. Thanks in advance.


Decide which policies you need to introduce. And which of them cost a lot of influence. The most costly introduce 1st. And then easier stuff. Lowering spendings on policy generally calls for less influence than remove it entirly. Start your term with some hard to pass policies, and then easier one. If you are really blocked reshuffle your cabinet entirly. Sometimes you may want to wait for new term with this redesign, so you will have more time to smooth things before next election.

Depends on nation, as for number of policies, some are no brainer ( i think) others are not so needed. Also check your spendings, some of them could be reduced or even remove without much harm. Or ongoing acts, since some are not so desired while still messing things (like sunday shoping ban).


Either the cabinet options are too few, they’re too hard to please or I’m an idiot compared to those who “get it”. I have Serbia in Socialist/Liberal dominant society which disqualifies any minister who sympathizes with capitalists or conservatives among other groups who either don’t like me or are indifferent.