New player


Yesterday (Sunday) I played the demo, like it, bought the game. But it’s buggy. Sound stops after a few minutes and the game crashes to desktop often. If I restart the game it will insist that the day is over; when I click on the clock-icon it first opens the find-a-job-screen (which I’ve never used).

I tried downloading several patches but none of them would install. I saw some of these issues addressed here but no solution for me. I have the latest drivers and all that. Do you have a solution? The sound issue is no problem, the crashing is.

And how often does the autosave save? Since I need it. Badly :slight_smile:


Hi, autosave saves every turn automatically. You certainly should not be having any crashing to desktop, and the sound shouldnt stop either. These aren’t widespread bugs by any means, which suggests its some incompaitbiltiy with some software / hardware. It sounds to me like there is a problem with the sound engine and your sound drivers. This would explain why you get random crashes (maybe its when certain sounds are meant to be played).
The patches wont work if your already at the latest version (sorry, i should change the patcher to notify you of this). When you buy the game, its automatically the very latest (patched) copy.

Do you know if there are newer drivers for your sound card? I also throroughly recommend checking your system for viruses and spyware as well.
If the game still crashes, does it give an error message? or just a garbled windows error? In either case, the game writes debug files to the ‘debugdata’ directory. emailing them to me will help me see if its a kudos or a windows issue. (im cliff AT positech dot co dot uk).
We have lots of users, and very few bug reports, so its likely to be a drivers issue of some flavour, hopefully we can track it down.

I just discovered that that part was my own fault; I just clicked the wrong button. Good, because I can understand the others as bugs but not this one :slight_smile:

Well, back to Fenna, who just joined the bowling team.


Good. I can stop saving obsessively, then :slight_smile:

I haven’t had any crashes tonight… maybe the game was conflicted with the demo, or something. (I uninstalled that later.)

Thought so, but I also thought I’d try anyway.

It’s highly unlike there are new drivers, since I have a stone age soundcard - can’t even find it under System - but I’ve never had sound problems before.

Nah, standard “unexpected error” Microsoft blah. But maybe it’s stable now.

Will do. Thanks! And now back to Fenna, who’s kicked out of the bowling team but finally got an acting job! Now she’s being called “materialistic”! Why, because I have the house cleaned? It’s a disgrace! Great fun.

Greetings, T.