New Policy/Policy Removal Suggestions

1.Similiar to the Alcohol Law, you should be able to legislate on Tobbaco Usage. the first Few sliders for age, then on to things like banning ads on tobacco products, shock images and lastly a total ban.
Would make Liberals AND Conservatives unhappy (because conservatives are somewhat known for opposing tobacco legislation?) but would drastically reduce tobacco usage, so you don’t need to pull money from your nicotine addicted population’s pockets trough the tobacco tax.

  1. Also how about Community-owned Renewable Power?
    As opposed to just subsidizing the renewable-energy Companies, you could give energy Production into the hands of Communites to keep renewable energy’s price low (you should implement Energy-Prices, kind of like food prices) and maybe even pay out the dividends of the energy plants to the citizens.

  2. Remove the female genitalia Mutiliation ban. It’s simply non-existant in western society, which this game is based on.

  3. Ban or Regulate Coal Power, drastically reducing emmisions but also driving the before mentioned Energy Price you should implement high.

  4. Nationalize Financial Sectors.
    I wouldn’t know how that would affect things but i think there was such an option in democracy 3.

  5. Worker Owned industries:
    This is the most important suggestion.
    I once made a post where i criticized that really only social Democracy and State Capitalism (like in the Soviet Union) are represented as the far left economic spectrum: This Post here
    And i think it would be good to implement a Policy which basically allows the formation of Worker-Democracy where people which work in a company would own it for the cause of better representing the left in the game. Maybe do it so, that on to the half of the slider of that legislation it would be so, that workers have at least some say in the way their workplace is run, and after that it would be, that employer based economy is banned and every business has to be led democratically.
    Obviously, this would increase wages, lower unemployment and be liked by Socialists, poors and the middle class. The Capitalists and the wealthy would DESPISE that and would absolutely try to murder you instantly. I think it’s not really realistic, as studies show real life worker-Cooperations are far more productive than employer led business models, but for balance reasons you could make that decrease GDP and/or Productivity somewhat mediocre.

those are my proposals until now, i’m sure i will find more and post them here.
If you don’t agree with some of them or how i suggest they would be impacting the country, that’s fine but i would like to engage in a discussion about that.

The plan is that modders can simulate any country in the game, and although the FGM ban might seem out of place, its a relatively new thing as a law in the UK as I recall. Maybe its more of a problem with high immigration. In fact some people have suggested we need a similar policy for men.

I love the idea of banning coal :smiley: This needs to be a thing…

Also agreed on the community renewable, although this would likely be just a tax break for such groups to set up as I understand. Nothing prevents (legally) AFAIK communities setting up their own local energy co-operatives in most countries, its just a lot of hassle to do so (but a great idea).

The last idea I think is partly covered with having the policy for workers on boards being mandatory. Its not ownership, but it is influence. Granted that ownership is an extra step which maybe we could consider. This was actually proposed in the last UK election by the labour party (taking 10% of large company shares and using themt o pay dividends to the workers):

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Well that’s a good reasoning. It just kinda felt like you simply copy pasted policies that don’t really fit outside of Democracy Africa, but if it’s based on real-life Policies that’s okay.

About community renewables, i guess it would be more of a communally-owned thing, something like, the city does a referendum on whether or not it should build a new wind Plant that goes into community-ownership and if it makes a profit, the citizens of that community get a fair share of that as well, instead of bringing profits to a company’s boss and it’s investors.

The Workers on board Policies effects are quite few, it probably should also increase middle Class and Lower Class happiness by a larger margin, since People who work like being in power at the place they work at, at least partially.
Also, i think it would somewhat significantly reduce unemployment, since the company can’t just go offshore because the wages in developing countires are lower and such if unions and workers councils have a say on the matter how a company is run.
It also should improve the wages a bit more if you drive the Workers-Council rights fairly high.

Also, at the highest margin, where it’s basically transitioning to Workers’ Ownership, businness Confidence and/or GDP instead of Productivity should be severly negatively impacted, since like i said, real-life Co-Ops have actually a higher work-productivity rate, since people are mor motivated to work if they are in control over their own workplace.

Also what do you say about the Energy Price Indicator (Blue Bubble) i mentioned?

Thanks a lot for responding to and even taking into consideration some of my Proposals! I am very glad that you are including us players like that in the making of the Game and i’m glad that i bought the game ^^

Really like your last suggestion Cliff! That policy has a history - it might be worth checking out the Meidner plan in Sweden as a historical example of this.

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