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Hey I have a few idea’s for my corvette fighters that i have put out. But I think the current way i have it is not going to balance well with a fighter mod that adds crew. So My question is what is the list of available boost that can be used in the hull. I know there are the following:
Costboost, (got from the forums)

I tried to find a list here in the forums and had ZERO luck finding anything. Sooo I’m asking for a list of hull boosts that are ingame. The one I’m looking for is a Crew boost. I have not tried just typing it in and seeing if it worked or not.

just a thing as well, (it kinda relates) are there any more warhead types rather than ‘EXPLOSIVE’?

Even though this question is directed at the “Main dude Cliffski”,
I thought i should help and answer to the best of my knowledge.

@ Jake Wedding - These are the only ones i am aware off.

@ Lonestar - I think you have them all for now.

Yup that sounds about right. Cool ship as your profile pic btw :smiley:

Cliffski, Is there a way you can make a boost for crew levels? I would like to add more powerful weapons for my super-cruiser design and was going to use a heavy reliance on crew and power to set them apart from the normal cruiser guns. But If I do it that way people might just toss on the larger crew module that i make for the super-cruiser onto the normal cruiser and still place them on the normal cruisers.

I have been toying around with a Federation Eagle cruiser making it into the Federation SuperEagle cruiser at 270 by 320, and so far I have it up to 14 standard and 10 turrets, with 100% to Power, Integrity, Armour, and Shield. I have also doubled the cost of this hull over the Federation Eagle Cruiser. I would like to give this a 100% boost the Crew but right now there is no suck way to make this happen.

Also I have done more tweaking but I will make another post for it as to not derail the subject of this thread.

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Couldnt You just have Horrendous Power Requirements?, Then you could mount a SuperCruiser Weapon onto a Normal Cruiser, But with great Difficulty…

I agree with Jake, I found that using huge power requirements is a solid way of restricting “SuperCruiser” weapons from appering on Standard Cruiser hulls.

For example, If a player would like to mount a super cruiser weapon on a standard cruiser hull, they will need to use 2 of the large powerplants. However the Super Cruisers Hulls already generate the power required for these super weapons.

I also agree that a bonus to a hull that reduces crew requirements would be cool as well - sorta like a hull that has a droid crew built in :slight_smile:
Also i would like more warhead types for missiles, bullets and beams (oh my) - Area Effect . . Flak Cannons, Mega Shockwave Nukes !!
and i could go on . .

p.s. thanks Cliffski :slight_smile:

Hey that is a good idea, The power boost is already there and i can set it to like 500% to power the massive guns. And I do mean MASSIVE guns. Like ones that can one-shot a frigate IF it managed to hit one that is. I also might take a sprites from that pack you talked about Jake There is a federation one I like the top right one might look GREAT as a super-cruiser don’t you think?

Hmmm, Ive Never thought of using that as a super cruiser, I use it as a Frigate

Ok I have looked and I have searched and I have NOT came up with a clear answer to what I was seaking.

I have a super cruiser armor module that has a spouge ability of 1000, What kinda of Armor penitration number does it need for the armor to take damage? As I have seen most if not ALL my super-cruiser weapons bounce off with no effect once shileds are down. Am I missing something here? Or is the armor soak up just too much damage??

Lonestar, The tired one.

if your weapons are just bouncing off then its because the armor penetration level is to low

The armor strength of a ship is (sum of Damage Absorbable figures from all armor modules / total number of modules on the ship (+1? I don’t remember)).

This i know, I already have that set to 100 and it still bounces off. I set it to 200 and it starts to hit the 1000 absorbing armor, but still bounces on the 2000, I set it to 400 and it rips right though the armor doing hull damage even with boith shields and armor still there. I’m so confused with this.

Side note: I have put together a real quick super-cruiser of an Alliance Stingray Cruiser and added it to the seventh wave of the second survival map. It is kinda neat to have them exchange fire back and forth between each other. And I might add more waves files to the map slowly increasing in ships and more harder super cruiser once I get it down.

Recap: I am having troubles with my super-cruser class weapons damaging other super-cruisers. And I am seeking a way to get the armor penitration value of an armor with 1000, and 2000 hitpoints (aka damage absorbing) Also I have created two super-cruiser class ships for two seperate races now. As with looking into making more waves into the survival maps.

T t t t t t t t thats all folks


I know I know Double post bad Lonestar bad, But I have a few more questions for Cliffski and instead of making a new thread. I’ll reuse the one I have made already.

Ok for starters Cliffski,
1: Is there a way to make a repair module that will repair ONLY engines?? I’m tired of my fighters engines getting taken out and they are not able to get back to the carrier to get repaired.

2: Can you make a module that will incress the current shields restance, and recharge rate WITHOUT adding more sheild hitpoints? I tried to make one with 0 shield strenth and it did not work at all.

3: Can you make a module that will regenarate armor, as with incress its restance??

Numbers 2 and 3 are linked to the Eve-online mod i have been messing around with and I have posted images of the Caldari fleet in the eve-online mod thread. form Eve-online we know that the Caldari are shield tankers and instead of reworking and making a new set of shields, to which I have done already. i would like to just have another item that will do it for me. And we know that the Ammar are armor tankers and I wanted to get that into play other than a dedicated armor repair as sometimes that does not want to work when a standard repair module is onboard as it will only be used AFTER the standard one is out. As for the Gallentte and Minamatar mostly use one or the other. Though most belive the Minamatar excel in hull tanking.

Thanks again for the wonderful game and easy modablily of it, Cliffski


Lonestar: Amarr, Gallente, and some Minmatar armor tank, Caldari and the rest of the Minmatar shield tank, many Minmatar ships can “speed tank” (translation, move so fast that the attacking ships just can’t hit you), and, well, as for hull tanking…

“This certificate represents an elite level of competence in the infamous practice of “hull tanking”. It certifies that the holder can fully use all modules relating to hull tanking. The holder is aware that “real men hull tank”, and also that hull tanking is really dumb. With this certificate, you’ve maximised your ability to rely on your structural systems to absorb damage, although hopefully you’re smart enough to know what a daft idea that is.”

Yeah, in Eve, hull tanks are just a really bad idea as a primary tank (as made obvious by the fact that there is no hull tanking certificate other than elite, whereas most other certificates tend to have at least one or two of the following levels: basic, standard, intermediate, or elite). Unlike GSB, where a hull tank actually is a viable and reasonable tactic.

Yes yes I thanks, but i play eve also and know a few of them already i was unsure as to the Gallente i usaly shield tank them, but i’m also caldari that is cross trained to ALL race T1 ships up to tier 3 battleships, and a few T2 frigates with the exception of Caldari witch i have full T2 ships excluding the battleships, titians and T3 ships otherwise I think Ihave everything Caldari trained up. Just call me a missile hugging sheild tanking hippy! :slight_smile:

Also there have been Many MANY times where a basic hull tank has saved my ships in both PvE and PvP warfare. its just nice having a 60% restance to everything and a good hull repper! Added with a good shiled tank it might just give you those few seconds to kill the ones attacking you. Well unless they nos or nuet you then your in trouble. >.<


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