New Race: Ahrennians


In a desperate struggle between the insect, swarmer, and human races, a new race emerged called the Ahrennians. Oddly enough, their hive mind and loyalty basises caused a surprising turn of advances, devoted not towards any particular assett, but actual TECHNOLOGY in the first place. The result was an advanced fleet oriented race that despised any species that would not be ‘enlightened’ in the first place. Put simply, any ‘primitive’ army would be eradicated by them.

Racial Specs:

{nanotechs} - Thanks to the swarmers concepts, nanotechnology emerged in a surprising way. Thanks to minuturization, their ships posessed a greater number of slots, and were surprisingly cheaper.
{fleet dynamics} - The humans skill at training and education inspired them to be a whole lot more inventive. This resulted in Transwave technologies, which specialized in actually becoming stronger in larger allied numbers nearby.
{engineering} - Thanks to their already tenacious hard engines, from a certain race, a mechanical revolution happened. Due to this, every countering tech they posesed was better, plus reaction and reload times were greatly improved.

{hive minded} - Due to the hive tendancies adpoted, their ships features are 30% more expensive. Further, their values are only subpar.
{extreme penalties} - In any area where special conditions apply, those conditions are utimately worse. For example, in a place where shields are penalized, the race cannot even use shields there.
{moral integrity} - Due to their ethics of honor and tradition, much like the orientals, technologies deemed corruptive are never used, for example, cloaking or massive warheads.

wouldent a hive mind cause they ships to cost less? seeing as theyed value the Whole over the one

You’re clearly forgetting about the Federation Hive Tax, designed to compensate for mono-participant markets.
Not to mention the waste disposal EULA which clearly stipulates “all living creatures under the power of an individual conscious mind constitute property of that conscious mind, and any products of those creatures (waste or otherwise) count as taxable income”. It’s right above the section that reads, “Agreement to the license of this disposal unit obligates the licensee to indefinite yearly payments to the Federation, that are subject to change without notice. This agreement between the Federation and the licensee does not constitute transfer of ownership, implied or otherwise, nor does it confer any guarantee of consumer satisfaction, product safety, or working condition, nor any responsibility whatsoever on the part of the Federation, implied or otherwise, in any way, shape, or form. Maintenance and liability are the responsibilities of the licensee, who should be glad we are accepting their money.”

Its due to their advanced fleet techs. While SLIGHTLY higher in cost, their values are subpar in battle. Normally, nanotech makes it cheaper, but due to the ‘Fleet dynamics’ element, their techs are a little more expensive than usual. Soo… cheaper hulls, but notably more expensive systems.

That, and indeed, the hive mind would be controlled by a lone being, or perhaps as a collective. Each would be taxed for the others in that matter.

one weapon at a time. Let me check specs for this idea first plz.
Ok, editing this. Here are the specs I decided to copy first. This is the first fighter weapon:

And the victory/fail quotes:

0 = “Sometimes I wonder about your intelligence. But at least you got the job done, so we are satisfied.”
1 = “Impressive. We can always replenish our numbers with these casualties. You have done exceptionally well.”
2 = “Boy, you are extremely enlightened. While impressive, you could have done better had you tried, likely.”
3= “Wow! Not even a single ship lost! You really understand the power behind transwave technologies!”

1 = “We dispreciate such wanton losses. But at least you put up an incredible effort on your part. Hopefully you learned from this. You know we dont appreciate such foolishness.”
2 = “Hmm, well, it IS bad, but you put an effort into it. You barely made the cut this time, but hopefully you will get better at this. You can really use it.”
3 = “Ick… your lucky the superiors have seen worse in their time. Keep this up, and you will be exerminated on sight. Consider yourself lucky.”
4 = “YIKES! Well, even the best laid plans can come to ruins. I hope for your sake you learned SOMETHING. You can sure use it. This is your last chance, however.”