NEW RACE: The Pirates

I think it’s time that someone would ask this silly quiestion:

  • Where are the pirates?

Battles leave a lot of weakened fleets, aksing for a good oll’ fashioned pillaging!
And Battles áre gratuitous in this universe…

These relatively intelligent (*though oftenly filled with cider)
spiders once caputured their entire world in a single web,
and were starting to run out of food, when an alliance ship crashed into it.
The alliance, eager to look for new allies, recognized the future potential of this
species in defeating the 2 legged races and envited them to join the alliance.

[i]After a brief history spiderlike renegades were kicked out of the alliance in the beginning
of the war when it was found out they frequently ate other plural pair legged critters
as an aphrodisiac!(namely the male halves of the various alliance species).

This didn’t matter much to the spiders, who were more then happy to live by themselves.
Feeding off the remnant of wartorn fleets, who are trying to make it home after their battles’ end.
Nowthat the other races have all declared war on The Pirates,
their awnser is to raise the glasses in each of their eight legs
cheer ‘Arrr!’ in celebration, as each and every single last species in the war
finds their way into their webs…[/i]

Suggestions: a spider like race with ships that can ‘enter’ into enemies forcefields and steal em!
(with some weakness to balance ofcource)
Or how about a weapons stealing gadget? Shoot em capture claws into the enemies ships
and have them temporarily shoot enemies untill either their distruction follows or
the cables are snapped loose again (by say, distroying the ship/ships pulling them).
Some sort of Nets for entire fighter squadrons! To be shot between 2 frigates, and when touched,
slow down the enemy fighters, or capture them all together! (perhaps if this is to difficult to
program, great retractable claws? or how about between rocks that they allways have lying around
and just cost honourpoints to be placed on the battlefield? perhaps to be placed loosely in the
entering claws/ tentacles?
A weapon that slows down the enemies firing rate would allso be a good one.
Otherwise, a weapon that imposes speed limmits, would be really cool.

Cheep rigs: a species that doesn’t use shielding or armor by itself but steals it with special weapons?
(a ship would share the same defences as it’s enemies, for a little while…

Oke so coulour:
How about black? Or purple: Purple Pirates would look good! and we don’t have a purple race yet, nor a black one at that.
Or how about an invisible colour, something that would prolong invisibility, and allow shooting weapons from them, should
be good, right? (comment comment!)

Ship appearences:
Ships will have to be fitted a littlebit like the alliance’s ships I’d say, hopefully, with moving claws or spikes instead, that’d be great!.
Ships with moving parts on them, but hey, if the engines can go on and off, if navigation lights can sparcle the ship into beauty,
perhaps this is just the next step for those brilliant minds at Posytech…
I’d immagine that ships of spiders should have a ‘scary’ feal to em, ieky like spiders…
I’d immagine the spiders might use nets to shield against missile impacts for some time, perhaps even trap
fighters in them. So you’d have something that looks like an organic shield, that keeps regenerating much like
the Tribe’s hull regeneration modules.
Another weapon would be a claw from a ship that makes contact with it’s enemies, and paralises enemy ships.
Yes a practice of capturing enemy fighters does seme appealing doesn’t it? Seeying your fighters get cought
and then spun and disassembled for parts to refuel the spiders special fighter hangars, seems a cunning idea.
(spiders, capturing flies bugs and birds etc?)
How about something that emphasizes on cables? Spider silk? spider nets?
Fighters that would enter and use a sort of knives to prickle enemy ships, dueling them?
–>as in extremely close ranged combat, fighters that would just get ón the enemy fighters and keep zapping them.
or fighters taht could shoot slowing rays, or weapon slowing rays.

They’re here.

They’re also still in progress, which means their arrival is later than expected. Pirates dislike being late. It makes them cranky and apt to fire fusion beams at innocent units like lunar orphanages, space hospitals and the odd asteroid. However, the pirates as seen here drive around in kit-bashed ships that look awesomely cool enough that one almost doesn’t mind the wide, smoldering swath of plundered ruin they leave in their wake.

if you like, send a PM to the player creating this mod race and inquire if he has a rough estimate when these interstellar rogues and cut-throats may be coming to a stellar trading-post near you.

That’s great,

I think I’m in agreement about the colour of the pirate ships.
I think it SHOULD be black, nice, pirate like flag!
Something to scare the hell out of those trade federation captains
in their way to clean blue overall coloured ships.

Here’s another idea: disruptor bombs for Cruisers.
Any takers?

Otherwise, good idea’s out there are the Leach lasers (or how about something that
looks more like, say a plasma charge that opens up a miniature gateway between the two ships?

Or how about this idea: they shoot a virus that temporarily makes an enemy ship shoot at it’s allies as well as
it’s enemies. Like a streak of paranoia! (should do great in the ship to ship chatterbox!
“AAAaargh enemies everywhere…surrounded from all sides!”)

So what else should you expect from pirates, expect from say, parrot talk (rapping parrots! any takers?)…

They enter, they plunder, so, their should be something that allows them to steal!
Another option should be, for them to just take over a ship, that would be cewl.
Launching some crew, oke so it diminishes your own crew member counts, to the
point perhaps, where it leaves your original vessels unatended…wich is a good counterbalance…right Clifsky?
Pirates, should have a sort of SMOKESCREEN, like a gass cloud, just disoriënting fighters perhaps,
or everything affected by the gass cloud,
everything near the ships that employ them (good for close combat, a traditional tactic for the
spider pirates…
Name for this baby: the squid cannon! any takers?

So like the tribe, they should have kinetic weapons, cannonballs that keep floating around, perhaps, sticking to the ship,
making it slower! YES that’s IT! weapons that hinder the enemies
Perhaps, to haper specific subsystems, electrocuting them! but not the entire ship.

Other things asosciated with piracy except for close combat, vial trickery, fast ships!

I’m going to keep reading for now, but there are some amazing idea’s on this blog, keep it up fellow Admirals!

Ketejan out

think some of us should focus at ship to ship chatter in the chatter box!
you know, the part where it says: ‘we have the enemy fleet in our sights’ and 'they blew up the ships galley, looks like it takeout time tonight guys!"
and “They blew up deck 4, I think I left my wallet on deck 4…”

I think parrots should have a say in this one,
there should be a lot of YARRR going on and a lot of crewlty.
“Ahoy! BOUNTY!”
“AYEEHH a damzel in distress, she be miiine!!”
“Look at all those tasty bodies floatin’ abou…look like it’s stakeout time tonight fella’s!”
“Thom, are you there Thom? … I just shot their wingman! YARRRR!!”
“I just saw a spider filled with cider, and then it did couhgt fire…owh sjuks!”
“Yahrrhuche UCHE! My beard, MY BEARD BE ON FIRE!”
“Where are those escape haches? ho, we used them all! Better spin meself a new one…”

@ Ketejan,

I’ve gone through your recommendations but unfortunatly there are all like none realisable. All the cool weapon and ship features do not exist in GSB so far, and I doubt that they will be integrated. Also I have no means to “invent” new weapon system because all of this stuff is hard coded and therefore unaccessable. I also cannot construct ships with moving things (expect weapons and blinking things). I do not own The Nomads yet, but if I’m informed correctly then I think that this new race will not introduce any new systems. So far your (undenied) good ideas will have to rest!

Multi Hit laser This is just an aestetic suggestion for a laser.
We’ve allready seen lasers in every colour, we’ve seen lasers bundle (with the swarm who have concentrating lasers that bundle/ team up and combine…into a more effective blast.
There’s the cruiser laser aestetic, that shoots a series of small ones dot like shooters.

But what I haven’t seen before is a multiple hit thingy that shoots a nice long ray in short succession.
As to target a few different subsystems in a row.

And I think the pirates should be a small scale dirty fighting race.
No cruisers, but every facility on the frigates in stead.("the pilots like to keep operations off the radar, that’s why they don’t use Cruisers but just frigates to be devious).
And, subsystem targeting stuff.
Lot’s of fighters, perhaps they can be given a percentual pilot number boost…something like that.
Like squadrons that allways have one or 2 extra fighters in them…drones of a sort.(…"they once stole a crate of A.I. cores, now they have extra fighters per squad.

The Nomads have a multi-hit laser.
It shoots in volleys of three. After it fires, it fires two more times at the same target (Unless destroyed, then remaining shots will target next ship) and it even attacks different modules in the same volley.