New Rockets

I want that a rocket is a Falcon Fighter .
Thanks for Ideas how i can it make.

hello nuke fan, welcomme to the forum!

the only way to make a rocket look like a fighter is to change the image for all rockets. you need to make a copy of the dds file that is called “Federation Falcon” which is located in /GSB/data/bitmaps/ships/federation/Federation Falcon Fighter

go to the /GSB/data/bitmaps/fx folder and find the file called “”. move this to your desktop or a backup folder. (somewhere you can easely find it)

rename your copy of the “” to “” and put it in the folder where the old missile used to be.

now start gsb and all missiles should now look like falcon fighters! have fun!

to get the missiles back to usual, just take the “” from your desktop or backup folder and put it back.

any questions?

I don´t know why it´s don´t work?

You might want to increase the size of the missile so you can see that it is a falcon fighter.

For example in \Gratuitous Space Battles\data\modules
find cruiser_fastmissile.txt
open the file and change
missilelength = 4.0
missilewidth = 2.0
missilelength = 40.0
missilewidth = 20.0

You should be able to see it then

Woah! That’s an epic idea! Imagine, you could create true shipyards with this idea! Or even penis firing penis ships!

LOL, the second idea is great (weird, but great… ) but the first one… true shipyards? hows that? lol. The shipyards usually are for repairing issues, not for carrying fighters… :stuck_out_tongue: (if u were talking about a ship firing small fighters)

I think he is refering to making a shipyard that constructs ships and launching them.
In my opinion i think it would be better to change the drone launcher graphics to a fighter if you want a shipyard effect.

If cliffski was to push this idea further you could have 2 more types of drone launchers.

  • Anti Missile: Drones that shoot down missiles
  • Anti Fighter: Limpet mines that shoot at enemy fighters rather than slow them down

But the change for the rockets graphics to a falcon fighter makes them look like v2 launchers.
Question @ Nuclear Fan:
Did you manage to get it to work yet ?

I think he is under a big head concusion watching the new rockets :stuck_out_tongue:

darkstar nice idea, will be awesome to watch tiny drones firing at those fast missiles lol (but i guess we will not use fighters anymore…)

So long as Nuclear Fan is happy and got his new Falcon Rockets working.

As for the Point defence drone idea replacing fighters, i dont think that would happen.
Point Defence Drones will only swarm around the ship with the module and die when the ship goes boom (but they have the advantage of respawning if shot down)

When using fighters, they survive even if the ship they are protecting dies, plus you can equip fighters with stronger weapons than what the point defence drones have. (but again, its not gonna happen unless cliff decided to code it in)

Nothing more to say, nice thinking head there darkstar. I love that idea of the stucked-near-the-ship-fighting drones. Sometimes i wish i had hand on the future updates of GSB (if there will be another ones).

I test it but it´s don´t work. ( I don´t know why but i have many time now).

These Ideas from me are similar as German V1 Rocket, American Tomahawk, Russian X-55.

I have some more ideas :

  • a carrier ship which has load 10 Fighters. They start when an enemy ship is in Range
  • Nuclear Bomber ( like B-2)
  • High Penetration Laser

Nuclear Fan

Hi Nuclear Fan - I am assuming that this is what you want to do:

By following ponyus instructions you should end up with the same thing.
Just to recap:

  1. go to the /GSB/data/bitmaps/fx folder and find the file called “”, rename this file to missile.bak

  2. go to /GSB/data/bitmaps/ships/federation/Federation Falcon Fighter, find the .dds file that is called “Federation Falcon” and make a copy of this file and place it into /GSB/data/bitmaps/fx

  3. rename your copy of the “Federation Falcon” in /GSB/data/bitmaps/fx to “”

To be able to see the falcon fighters you need to increase the size of the missile.

  1. Go to [b]\Gratuitous Space Battles\data\modules[/b]
    find cruiser_fastmissile.txt
    open the file and change
    missilelength = 4.0
    missilewidth = 2.0

    missilelength = 40.0
    missilewidth = 40.0

Open the game and design a ship that uses Fast Missile Launchers
You should be firing fighters now

This Happend :

Hmm, based on that image, i would say that the game can not find
Can you check your \Gratuitous Space Battles\data\bitmaps\fx and make sure that there is a

For example if you renamed the file to it will not work and you will get white squares

I tested the normal rocket on size 40 40 and it´s also a white box.

Rockets and missiles use the same graphic.
If both are a white box then I would check that you have located in \Gratuitous Space Battles\data\bitmaps\fx\

Yes it is.

and if you bring back the original graphic the white boxes disappear ?

I have the original in but i can test when i change the size.

Now it´s normal