New Romantic Activity

I thought the game could use a few more romantic activities, so I made one. This is that activity seen so often in personal ads: a walk along the beach. :slight_smile:

This goes in your social_events.csv folder:

#,ROMANTIC,WalkAlongTheBeach,Walk Along the Beach,Waves crashing and the smell of the sea somehow seem perfect for lovers.,movie,data/sounds/gigglekiss.ogg,"_random,1.0",Would you like to take a walk along the beach? Just the two of us.,10,0,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,2,#,“conversation,1.0”,“sports,0.6”,#,“stress,-0.3,0.3”,“boredom,-0.25,0.5”,#,"_romance,1.0",

10 for a stroll ??

Not all of us are professionals :open_mouth: :angry:

laugh I did that on purpose! There are very few free activities in the game, and I didn’t want to unbalance the game by adding too many. I figured that they would need to pay for transportation TO the beach, or they’d need to buy some sunscreen to apply, or maybe they’d get a hot dog or something on the boardwalk while they were there.

I admit that I’m not a professional computer ANYthing, but I did do it intentionally!

yes it’s always a problem when you have free activities in the game. maybe making it really weather dependent is the trick, you can set things up to go really badly in the rain and snow, for example.

Yes, working on the weather would balance things if I made the activity free. Somehow I like the sunscreen explanation, though – must be the part of me that considered becoming a health educator. :slight_smile:

at one point i was going to code a thing that gave you a suntan if you were outside in the sun, and it would be a ‘skill’ needed to be a model or work in tv or music, but I never ended up putting it in. looking back, that would have been quite cool.