New Scenario Requirement

After having just applied the classic more-or-less-stationary missile spam fleet beat down on some new guy in the challenges area, it occurred to me that instead of just requiring engines to enter a battle–the one requirement I use in ALL challenges I post–it would be much nicer if one could specify that only ships with speed X can enter the battle.

This is either totally brilliant, or it WAS totally brilliant, like, a year ago when someone else came up with it first.

The effect would be marvelous, I think. To begin, I hold the belief that speed is under-valued in game balance. See other threads. While this change would not fix that balance issue, it WOULD prevent the most common way people can beat an enemy fleet–and that’s using fewer or less expensive engines, making for designs that dish more damage, on average. Since the AI is pretty bad at doing things like maintaining range and in moving with even half an eye toward the future (“We’re speedy, Captain!” “Great! Head for that corner!”), it is disheartening to watch fleets built with a sense of maneuver get pounded to radioactive space debris by wallowing scows which, in a tabletop version of the same scenario, would suffer from a basic inability to move around the battlefield.

So X would be the same for both sides. I remember correctly that one is bound by the scenario requirements one sets, just like the challenger is, right? If X is 10, I the challenge-maker can’t add speed 9 cruisers to a battle, and neither can anyone who downloads the challenge. Of course, like any scenario qualifier, this is entirely optional on the part of the challenge-maker. . . .

Makes total sense from a strategic view, too–it is hard, in the depths of space, to bring a foe to battle if you can’t run them down. . . .gratuitously.


this is one of the best ideas of a history of great idea EVAR!!!

i would love to see more battles where ships actually move! kind of tired of armor tanks…

Tribe MWM spams and Plasma spams has no problems meeting speed requirements. Speed restrictions will not kill the Tribe long range spam unless the restrict a value about 0.2. Beyond which are dominated by CL spams or frigate spams. The whole idea of “counter rush” is to outgun a rush by undercutting on engines. If you are force to put on engines and know the other side must do the same, you might as well stick to high DPS over range.

As for other race, they will have much more problems meeting the speed requirements. 0.1 speed is enough at killing non Tribe from effective long range + armor tank.

Despite this, I support this additional option. Banning ships below 0.05 can prevent a lot of unnecessary snooze.

speed is not undervalued. I built a super-fast cruiser (modded though, but not ridiculously i think, 150% speedboost) that was almost as fast as fighters. I used in campaign with keep moving and, though it is expensive so it is very hard to build (thats the balance), nothing can hit it. They never get damaged. Speed can be very important, it depends on how it is used.

yeah, but what i meant was that i want faster gameplay. faster ships with lower armour = more action!

that is very true :slight_smile: Now all we need is a way for us modders to make our own explosions for more cool gratuitousness (Please Cliff please please please)

But if you’re good with the Formation command, even if all your ships have a .16 speed (ie, my v1.0 missile cruisers) you can lock them into a stationary formation.


BEING stationary isn’t the problem. The suggested scenario requirement based on speed helps prevent people going tank as a build solution. As I noted in my original post, this thought came to me after I used boats built slow (ie, cheaper, more resources for weapons) to massacre a moderate-speed fleet. Yawn.

If you want to A) build a speed .16 fleet, then deploy it stationary with Formation, go for it. Still possible.

If you want to do that AND add a minimum speed requirement, go for it. You just won’t have to worry about spending 20 minutes waiting for a speed .01 fleet to crawl through space to engage you. :slight_smile: