New screenshot

Here’s a new screenshot that I submitted to’s ‘screenshot of the day’ a few days ago. I’m rather pleased with it. Feedback and criticisms are most welcome:

Whoa, very very cool! :smiley:

Lots of debris and explodey goodness.

Umm, one thing. That small red laser looks like it’s bouncing off the inside of it’s own shield, is that a trick of the angle?

I do love the different styles of ship too. :slight_smile:

It’s hard to say without seeing everything in motion, but there might be slightly too much overlap between the ships. It’s a fine line; I’m actually not altogether sure where my preferences fall in that regard.

The ships and energy and backgrounds themselves all look fantastic (if you were to add anything, I suppose the propulsion jets could have a little more visual oomph, though this might detract from the weapons).

that reflection is unfortunate. It’s a laser firing at the shield and it bouncing off, but the ship is actually underneath the one its targeting so it looks like its firing at itself.
It makes more sense when they are moving :smiley:

Heres a new one from my blog:

Dang. Thats a lot of laser fire!

Thats actually one of the less busy shots :smiley: It all looks much better in motion, I’ll be doing a new video soon.

I can’t wait.

I wish I had more to contribute to the conversation, but you come up with great ideas all the time. :slight_smile: