New Shield Effects Video

Ok… I think this looks way better than before. Thoughts?

Awesome, I always liked the GSB1 shield animation better than the GSB2 (former) one, the new one was a bit “smallish”, so to say.
The new effect looks stylish, and I do like that it centers around the point of impact and does not go fully through it (although this would also have been ok). Do I also see kind of “difference” between the impact from missiles and energy weapons, or is it based on the damage?

Clearly a +1 from me.

Now I only need to get some updates at all… still at 1.35 (Linux)… hint hint :slight_smile:

I like this effect. The only question I have is, will there also be a “shields collapse” effect as in GSB1? I like the moment of “Finally!” when an enemy cruiser’s shields drop after a prolonged bombardment. (Or the “Ah, crap” when it happens to your flagship.)

Yes this is a good question. I always hated the GSB1 shield failing visual effect, which just sucked massivly. I should try and come up with something uber-cool for this one. Theoretically, its not that hard to make this globular shield outline wobble a bit, and maybe expand as it breaks. I shall have to experiment a bit :smiley:

Well if you want to do something wobbly, I would suggest you let the wobbling appear with increasing shield instability (exponential curve, not linear), with the final wobble not “wobbling back” but wobbling out expanding.

I already thought about the difference of GSB1 and GSB2 shields (GSB1 had some “bubble type” shields, GBS2 seems to have some type of tightly layered shield) and if that has some deeper meaning or is just a mere visual decision.

I would also think (suggestion for a new equipment type), now that the “tight hull layer shield” is the way it goes mainly, one could have the “bubble type” shields as outer/secondary layer from support shield emitters (probably a Destroyer equipment, maximum shield bubble size should be for Cruiser, but not for Dreadnought, it should need some serious amount of Energy). Those shields should of course not have the highest resistance values.
I can also imagine an additional cool shield: One bubble emitter mounted on Forward Frigates, to protect one squadron of Fighters or Gunships in reach. And then one could have special anti-fighter-shield-bubble-weapons which can collapse those shields harming the fighters, probably overloading their engines for a while.
Of course those shields also would need some new wobble wobble :slight_smile:

I think basing on the way a soap bubble bursts (when seen in super slow motion) would be boss.

Here is a reference video ( The bubble burst starts at 0:59.

This looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see it in the next update.

For now the new shield failure will be a cracking apart…

Now working on better radiation

can we get a video?

I’ll actually patch the game in the next day or two, but in the meantime here is a quick video of the new radiation effect: … _T3-7yf1RV