New Ship Class?

WIll we be seeing anything bigger than cruisers, or perhaps smaller than frigates but larger than fighters?

Nomenclature most usually used for smaller than frigate, larger than fighter would be “Corvette” – yes?

I still want carriers, armed with anti-fighter weapons and have bays for fighters.

I don’t know if a new hull class is really needed. If we want Dreadnaughts and Battleships, just a new, larger cruiser hull would do.

A capital ship smaller than frigates would be difficult to see a role for. Some races already have small light frigates that are corvette-like (thinking the Loki here)

I could see a role for something bigger than the current frigates, but smaller than the current cruisers. But there’s already alot of variety of hulls - some races have a large frigate, some have a smallish cruiser. Maybe call it a destroyer class? A frigate-ish sized hull that can mount certain cruiser modules, certain frigate modules, and maybe a couple new modules? It wouldn’t blow up quite as easily as frigates, but wouldn’t have the potential to be such a damage sponge as a cruiser? Ultimately maybe not all that necessary.

Only thing I might like to see is a ‘heavy fighter’ hull for more races than just the Rebels.

What would be infinitely more useful would be the ability to place different size-class modules on hulls.

So: 3 = 78.50,232.00,TURRET,

might become 3 = 78.50,232.00,TURRET_FRIGATE,

Then a cruiser might have some TURRET_FRIGATE slots in addition to TURRET_CRUISER slots.

Heck, even some TURRET_FIGHTER for PD.

Yeah, I wouldn’t mind putting some FF ion cannons, disruptor bombs, and maybe EMP II missile launchers and anti-fighter missiles on some of my cruiser hulls. Combined with the EMP cannon you could make a pretty sweet electronic warfare cruiser that might have only minor weapons of its own but would be very significant threat to the enemy.

Although, I am sure not being able to put disruptor bombs on a cruiser hull may have been a concious game balance choice.

I suspect that there may be some complicated balance issues in keeping certain types of weapons off of certain types of hulls. What comes to mind is that both cruisers and frigates can mount EMP weapons, but frigate EMP is in the form of missiles. Yet frigates are the only ship class that does not have a target painter module. This means both frigate EMP missiles and disruptor bombs are made more effective by pairing the ship with something different.

If you start removing those boundaries it may create some serious imbalance issues. It also may not. Just sayin’.

I moreso think that instead of having Large Frigates and Small Cruisers they should just have their own classes for those to designate their general size. I’m one of those guys who would just like the capability to create our own ship classes for mods, if nothing can be brought to terms on a decision to add which one to the game.

Then again I’m hoping for…

(Size from smallest to largest)
Bomber (Fighter with more weapons, heavier in weight)
Corvette (Smaller than Frigate but faster)
Carrier (Heavier than Cruiser, good for antifighter and supporting your fighters)
Battleship (Monstrosity armed with enough weapons for a fleet)
Dreadnaught (lol)

im with Shadowclaimer on that one. that about sounds like the proper classes for ships. except for corvette. its supposed to be more like a gunship/starfighter type of thing. pretty much an oversized starfighter. But yea pretty much exactly what Shadowclaimer had said.

Yeah, we already have “corvettes” in the smaller FRG hulls.

If we go bigger than cruiser we’d need to change the scale of the game, I’m not sure that’s workable given the UI and display. . .unless smaller ships then just disappear and it becomes more of a capital ship game.

Though it might be amusing to have one or a few BB class vessels vs. a flock of cruisers. . . :slight_smile:


I don’t know I always want something slightly smaller than a Frigate that’s more equipped for spamming EMP and really fast. Smaller Frigates do work, but I’ve always seen Frigates as like actual warships that are vital gunships loaded down with cannons, I see a corvette as a more of an insertion or tactical vessel meant for getting in and getting the job done.

You could put frigate turrets on a cruiser, and cruiser turrets on a frigate, but it might disrupt the balance of the game.

If you could load frigate weapons on a cruiser, that might get pretty wild. If the Ion Cannon becomes available for a cruiser, then why purchase cruiser lasers or cruiser howitzers?

It would be cool to see a destroyer class, but with its own weapons, somewhere between frigate and cruiser weapons; and hit points also somewhere between frigate/cruiser.

Ideally, you’d have:


…each type with its own component list

From bottom to top you’d have more ‘robustity’ in the hit points of the available components. The ratio of purchase points and weapons effectiveness would be relatively inverse, as it is now. That is to say, as it is, frigate weapons aren’t as good as cruiser weapons in general, but the ‘inexpensiveness’ of frigate weapons allows them to project more firepower per credit. This firepower advantage is mitigated by low hitpoints for the frigate modules.

Adding classes; switching turrets around; introducing new weapons; it could all lead to some serious imbalances. That said, I’d be all for some new ship classes, however the game framework is ultimately laid out.

@Shadowclaimer i think your starting to think more of some sorta covert operation type of thing going on now …

but of the many space games i’v played corvette is usually an oversized starfighter than can actually mount turrets (rather than just a “frontal gun”) and be quick (not as fast as a starfighter … maybe around bomber?) its still a starfighter … just bigger and a little more badder. its firepower is less than an actual frigate and faster (or should be) and of course weaker armor, less slots (most likley) etc.
its really just a small difference that doesnt really matter but if its there it has to be taken into consideration since it is more suited against frigates AND fighters (bombers too) or at least thats how things usually run for me.

Spamming EMP really fast is kinda what Frigates do (or was it cruiser? i’ll look into that later) but also dont forget you cant have so many EMP bullets flying around that you can take out a whole fleet with like 3 or 4 little EMP frigates lol …

@mrblitz dude thats getting pretty mixed up! your mixing your sea based ships with scifi spaceships now its more like fighter, bomber, corvette, frigate, Cruiser, battle cruiser, then Dreadnought (Juggernought?).
Battleship and destroyer are sea based ships …

One last note though. from what i can remember Fighter, bomber, corvette are basically the oversized starfighters (Corvette do NOT come in big bulks, more like a small squad like 1/4 of a fighter squad) while still being less powerful than a frigate. The Frigate is the “middle man” between “Capitol ships” and starfighters. since they are like a defensive platform for Cruisers and support for starfighters since they are able to usefully help both (depending on their configuration of course) although in this game you have to specialize them in what they do for them to be “good” since balanced is ok against either but not really “effective.” Then we have the Cruiser which is supposed to be a big and slow thing with lots of guns and HP (usually as most would know as “Carrier” etc.), then the battlecruiser which is the thing thats supposed to take out other big ships with relative ease, and lastly Dreadnought which is a total monster that is usually the pride of a whole race (like the protoss mothership of Starcraft II). i’ll be sure to answer questions anyone may have whenever i have time :slight_smile:

K.I.S.S. guys. We already have light frigates. We already have light cruisers and bigger cruisers. I don’t think we need two more ubership classes over the cruiser. If going bigger, just one bigger would be fine, and it wouldn’t be all that necessary. Just make a cruiser hull with more modules, no need to call it a whole new class. I think it is better to add more races or even just call it done rather than start adding new classes which would significantly alter something which already works pretty well.

There are existing light frigates that have 3 weapon modules, bomber fighters have two. I don’t see much room for a corvette class to live in between there. Frigates and fightes are already fragile as heck, do you really need another fragile tiny ship to blow up? I imagine corvettes will be slower than bombers, and bombers get torn to pieces.

The distinction between bombers and fighters does not need to be made with a new class. Just different hull types within the same class is fine.

But I would like to see a destroyer though… a slightly bigger frigate that can mount some cruiser modules. But some races already have ‘smaller’ cruiser hulls - the Fenrir and the Panther, for instance. They’re not quite the same as the destroyer I’m thinking of though.

I would add titans to the list, but take out battlecruizers.

And goliaths to take out titans… :stuck_out_tongue:

Its not wise to have too many. Titans would be, by my standards, plenty enough in a game like this.

… would you comment on darbenthians plz?