New Ship hull selection systems

I think the ship hull selection system to be changed. I’m thinking first you select race, than class of hull, then the hull, not scrolling down through a big list. Same with loading. I find it hard to find any ship designs I’ve made, now it is about 50… So If I want to design a ship using the Federation eagle class Cruiser Hull, I would press ‘Federation’. This would lead me to a menu with ‘fighters’, Frigates’ and ‘cruisers’, (maybe if I hovered the mouse over each one it would give the names of the hulls.) So I click ‘cruiser’ then it looks like the normal selection screen.

                                           [Federation]                        Rebels                                      Alliance                                           Empire                                      Tribe
                                                    Fighters                                                                          Frigates                                                  [Cruisers]

Sort of like that. (the square brackets are the ones I clicked to get a eagle class cruiser.)

On a related note, I think eagle class is the best fed cruiser!

Id prefer that when you are in the deployment screen, when you go to design a ship, it only shos the currently selected race. All you need is a bigger box to show all the hulls at one, maybe partioned. No reason to add more menus.
Prehaps it has a place in the straight from root menu’s design screen.
Saving ships is a much more needed change. If you start experimenting,you soon come up with 100’s of ships, many with the same hulls, indestinguishable at first glance.

Good point. I would like that in the deployment screen too. I have 10-20 Fed ships ALL using eagle class hulls.

Or, maybe make it like the challenge menu so you can organize my class, name, race, cost, crew etc…

This would be a fine idea. It is kind of odd when I am placing a Rebel fleet, hit the Design button, and it comes up with an Alliance ship selected (doesn’t happen very often, but once or twice).

But please leave the design screen as accessed from the main menu as is; I often spend time just paging through my various ship designs, tinkering as I go. And I’m not real particular about whose ships I’m tinkering with.

It would be great if that was in the game. I was so tired of opening the wrong ship desing (because i use similar names for ships that have similarities but are in different races) that i ended up adding to each ship name the name of its race at the begining.

thats what I do, but as the game randomly deletes ship names if you put a . in them, as I do for D.I.A (do it all cruisers) I have quite a lot of ships called rebel d. Not fun.

My main battle horse is called
Reb-Cr-MeL-042-Valkyrie Mk5, even with such a name it can be hard to find when there are a bunch of cruisers with identical ship icon in deployment screen.

pretty much all the rebel designs use the same cruiser hull.