New situation suggestions

Police Brutality:
Increased by Armed Police and police related stuff except police force and community police.
Other things like Racial Tensions could increase it too.
Decreased by things like Education, Police Force (maybe set no effect at 0.5), Community Policing and Body Cams.
This would upset liberals, ethic minorities, and everyone.

Private Debt Crisis:
Increased by high private housing, healthcare and schools.
Other private sectors could increase it a bit.
Food price, Food crisis and housing bubble also could feed it.
It could have corruption as multiplier.
This would upset socialists, liberals, poor, middle class and everyone.
It would act as voter group income multiplier, making private stuff much costlier.
It could be lowered by education, and pro consumer policies.

State services cost should depend on corruption too.

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Interesting ideas. Have you approached Cliff on any of these ideas?

Police brutality sounds like an interesting situation, although it could be argued that we cover this by events, such as accidental shooting, and the upcoming black lives matter event.
It could be argued that it should be an ongoing thing if it gets especially bad…

To be honest what the game lacks is enough positive situations, not bad ones :smiley:

I agree! We should have more positive events!

The thing is that currently there isn’t no real downside of excesive policing.
There should be some downside to just throw money at the police to solve crime.

Corruption, I imagine?

Well one downside would be the cost i suppose.

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