|NEW| |SUPER| |MODULES| |!!!!|

I have made a couple of weapons and modules to make the most absolute fun of GSB, and have decided to put them here.

Now, watch the stars explode as they see you wonderful weapons/ modules, like:
[size=200]Reflection Power!![/size]

It doesnt make power, it just uses 500 and makes 4000. Instant 3500 power, freeing up your standard slots for more armor/shields!

Disadvantage: All of my modules have a distinct disadvantage. This modules disadvantage is:
The supreme power generated means that it makes a very big boom. If the enemy kills one of your ships, then is very likely that your fleet = B00M!

reflection power.txt.zip (956 Bytes)

There it is!

Now, some Weaponry!
[size=200]Quantum Turret!![/size]

The ultimate in anti-fighter defense, it throws dozens of bullets out per minute!

Disadvantages: Low Armor and No shield piercing. Also, very inaccurate.

Here we go:
Quantum Turret_Pwner.txt.zip (1.18 KB)

[size=200]Quick Plasma[/size]
A rapid-firing but short ranged plasma weapon with low damage.

Disadvantage: Quick R-O-F means low damage. Also has half standard range.

Here we are:
Quick Plasma.txt.zip (1.14 KB)

Who wants defenses!
[size=200]Reflection Shields!![/size]

A bunch of shield modules tied together with some good old fashioned rope, they weigh a bunch but are seriously powerful.

Disadvantage: Mega Heavy!

Tada! Voila:
FOCUSED cruiser_shield.txt.zip (1.04 KB)

This is more of a teaser. You want more, you download more!

Please send me a couple of messages back once you get the modules and have used them for a bit. I don’t like feedback, I love it!
Oh, and check out my website: Pictures and all my uploads and stuff (the pictures are for the uploads) and it has a lot more upload space for me to put stuff on.



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