New support forum

I’ve moved some existing support topics to the new fangled support forum.
please post bug reports and support issues there, to keep things a bit organised!

Error 41 today when i try to start it up? Worked absolutely perfectly yesterday! I had just unlocked the empire and completed some expert levels!!!
EDIT: And reinstall hasn’t helped

Same here, mate. :frowning: Alertbox pops up as the game crashes on start:

“Error 41. Please contact tech Support:…\src\Game.cpp 242”

However, I haven’t been able to get GSB to play at all. I am running it on WinXP SP3 via emulation on my Mac. My emulator is Parallels Desktop 4.0.3846, which may or may not be the culprit. Next course of action???

No joy from running GSB via CrossOver Games 7.2.2 Mac-to-Win emulator, either! GSB crashes instantly and coughs up the very same wretched Error 41 message.

Now I am truly painted into a corner. I don’t have PC hardware, and both of my recommended Windows emulators have struck-out in precisely the same way. Help me, Obi-Cliff Kenobi, you’re my only hope!

My system specs:
Mac Pro
2 dual-core Intel Xeons at 2.66 GHz
4 gigs RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT (256MB)
1440x900 max res on my flatscreen
Apple OS X 10.5.8

I’m attempting to emulate WinXP SP3 with all of the latest patches, updates & bugfixes installed via Autopatcher.

Please help!

Error 41 was fixed in version 1.01 as I recall. Get the latest version and it should be fine

cliffski, my instances of Error 41 have vanished since patching-up to 1.04. Thank you!

Now onwards to smoking out other bugs… :slight_smile:

I have found a small bug.

Lets say i have 2 ships in the deployment zone.
Ship #1 is using a diffrent design than ship #2.
I give ship #2 an order that targets ship #1.
I then go to edit ship #1’s design.
Select Save or Load and press the X near ship #1’s design name and confirm delete.
Then exit the ship edit screen.
Although ship #1 has disappeared, ship #2’s order that targets ship #1 is still there.
If you select it, the game will crash.
Not anything severe, i know, but still thought i should post it.

NOTE:I was using version 1.19 when the crash occurred.

Just got the game from Direct Download- works great however I can’t post to the challenge board. I always get a falled to post error.

Any clue?

Almost certainly firewall related. Check you dont have windows firewall, or any other internet security software blocking the game from connecting.

Hey, I have one question regarding updates. I dont have internet access at home so I redownload the game each time a new version comes out. Do the DLCs also get updated (I have all 3)? Because I only redownloaded the main game file for updates so far.

The DLCS are not affected by most updates to the main game, so you don’t need to redownload them.

^most^ updates?

Since most of the updates are just feature additions and bug fixes.

Yeah, they might affect the DLC, but those ones affect the main game just as much (the point defense fix, for example). It’s balance changes that will directly affect the DLC, and those don’t happen too often.