New & Thank You

o I just got GSB a couple days ago.
thank you for developing this.

Now I just found the forums and discovered GSB is MODDABLE!
i think I am in trouble. I need to look into this as i love modding. i think i may lose a lot of nights sleep reading that stuff. I need to read through the mod forums but if anyone has any resources outside of here please lemme know?


Welcome aboard, hsnopi! Yes, this game is quite mod-friendly. Take a look at the many things that our informal “Friendly Community Mod Squad” (lol!) has accomplished. Some are fearsome; some are subtle; some are silly. :smiley:

Drilling backwards through the pages at the Modding forum should be illuminating for you. Don’t resist the impulse to tinker with GSB…as long as you make ample backups of your vanilla game-files first!

silly is awesome.! I am thinking Pigs In Space from the Muppets. (yeah i know that’s dating myself there)

At least you didn’t say Ham Dare