New Title Screens

Anyone else made new ones fore themselves? There was a predetermined number of times I could look at the imperial ship before it had to go.

I’ll try to upload some tomorrow.

Uploaded with

I have more, but you will have to show me yours first.

Yeah i made some of them before joining to the forum, but sadly they were lost with the time -.-

Always wondered if would be too hard to have an animated background like the one of Battleships Forever (oposite teams vainilla ships are randomly deployed in screen, and start attempting to kill each other), i know that its something that only Cliff can do, but would be awesome to get a fight between two fighter scuadrons and some frigates as background xD

Well, i’ve got quite a few scifi wallpapers:

^if SOPA was passed, I would have just gotten this forums taken down

The first one is from Ace Online!! And the second one MAY be from Armored Core =D

I’ve played ACE some tome ago, a great game, but it turned booring after 2 months :stuck_out_tongue:

Fun fact: “Sopa” is “trash” in Swedish.

I don’t get the joke… I mean, everything ███ █; ██ ███ is █ █████, fine ██. ██ ████ "trust ██████"your ██. █ ████ government ███.

No one else has made new title screens for their copy of GSB?