New to the Game and two Problems

I’ve not played any Democracy games before but having recently broken my wrist I was looking for a game that I could enjoy without a controller and this looked really interesting. However I’ve immediately hit two big problems:

  1. The tutorial crashes after a couple of text boxes are displayed. I could live with that and bumble my way through as a normal game seems to run however…

  2. The text boxes are miniscule - even changing screen resolution doesn’t help and this renders the game unplayable for anyone without the eyesight of a hawk. Is there a way of making the text larger please?

Looking through the forum both these issues have been commented on before without any suggestions but I’m hoping someone can suggest something

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Bump hoping for a response…

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That tutorial crash is gone in the next update, coming in a day or so hopefully…
I also have grand plans to allow for screen resolution scaling, but the text will always be the same size relative to the rest of the UI. Running the game fullscreen, with the screen at a lower than native resolution is the best way to get much bigger text, from an accessibility POV.

re-scaling text but keeping everything else the same size is a HUGE undertaking because it changes the position of every element in the game.

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