New to the game

I am just now downloading the demo version after reading about this game. From what I am seeing, there seems to be a lot of problems buying and then playing the game, has this issue been fixed or is it better to hold off on buying it?

Well, I know that the developer is on a two week vacation so it might be good to wait until the two weeks is over just so you can have a fast response time.

I personally didn’t have any problem buying or playing the game from the link within the demo (I’ve got the non-yahoo version). I’ve read the posts of others who have had issues with the Yahoo!Games version of it though.

Cliffski could probably help you out better than that when he returns. Hope you enjoy the demo!

Thanks for the quick responses :slight_smile:
How far can you play in the demo version? The reason I ask is that I am thinking that I will just buy the game and if I come across any problems, I can email the guy when he returns and just play the demo untill then. Would that work or is the demo too short to really think about going that way?

I believe the demo goes for a year of game time which is enough to get a taste of the game, but not really enough to play it full out. Still, it’s not bad. When I purchased it directly from the site I had no problems and was playing within ten minutes or so.

The vast majority of problems encountered are video and sound drivers. Update them first, then get the full version.

I bought the game and downloaded it just fine. Thanks for all the help everyone and am looking forward to losing many hours of my life playing this :smiley:

Just wanted to clarify in case someone else goes through the old posts. (I’m a bit anal about that.) It’s actually more like four months (of 7 days each) in the demo. You don’t get into winter. I know, because I’m strapped for cash right now and recently went through the entire demo jogging every time I got an option just to see what exact day it ends on (Monday in August 2006, starting Monday in April 2006).