New UI improvement coming

I will make this optional so you can disable it on the options screen, but Iā€™m going to add these little icons to better represent what each effect is. Hope you like em :smiley:


Yes, Cliff, I think that this is a step in the right direction, I hope to see what more you have planned for us. I hope to see some of the UI cleared up to. If not the nested icons suggested much earlier, then perhaps something else?


nested icons?


  1. Experimental icon feature (policy adjustments) - Democracy 4 / General Discussion - Positech Games

and here:

  1. Consider allowing more than one slider per policy - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games

Another requested feature: Choosing cabinet at game start. (Not on very first game, as this may prove confusing, but later ones).


Adding free reshuffle at start or just informing players that they can immediately reshuffle if they want?


This shuffle is free of all consequence. Its basically so the player can pretend they picked these ministers long before they won election.
Its a one-shot thing though. You either do it from that screen, or you have to pay to do it later. I think that makes the most sense, as new leaders tend to pick their cabinet on the very first day in office.