New user - love it - newbie questions

Questions in point form

  • I have unlocked modules in HQ but I don’t get the option to use some of them in ship design. I ‘saved’ up 4000+ points and went straight for the nuclear warhead option (am I the only one that did this :slight_smile: ) and HQ shows it unlocked but its not an option for me to use on any Federation hull (I have all dlc). Is it possible this module is for a different race? Are there some prerequisites I should unlock first?

  • I set my fighters to CAUTIOUS and that works well. That slider that appears do I move that left or right to be MORE cautious?

  • I had an instance of some enemy cruiser retreating to the very edge of the screen. My own ships followed it, surrounded it and then stopped and did nothing - ever. For ages no one moved or shot. Game bug? I eventually won due to the enemy ‘giving up’. I forget the mission but I was federation.

  • Once shields ‘go’ they’re gone for good? The auto-repair module won’t work once they’re destroyed?

  • In ship design I can place a laser in a slot that has litte white lines/markers showing there are two of those lasers (hard to describe). Does that mean I get two weapons for the price of one or is it a cosmetic thing? Will both shoot at half the rate so effectively it’s the same as just having one weapon?

  • What is shield stability? The white bar on the top right in the ship view thingy during combat?

  • Why is there no FAQ on this forum?

  • Are there utilities for this game available?

  • When trying to beat an opponent I’ve just lost to, it’s hard to know what weapons they’re using so I can come up with a counter. Is that by design? Is that part of the fun - trying to guess exactly what sort of laser it was that ripped through my flagship bridge?

I’ve been playing this for only 3 days and the manual is good - though limited. Thx.

I believe nuclear warheads are Order only.
Cautious slider is at what HP they retreat, I think.
I’ve had that happen too, don’t know the exact problem.
I’m pretty sure shields come back after a period of not taking damage. Auto-Repair repairs modules, not the shields themselves.
Cosmetic I think.
If shield stability goes down, so do the shields.
I’m pretty sure it is.

ok I have number theses to help my mind think,

1: Yes order are the only ones that nuke.

2: Cautious is at what percent the fightes will run to your edge of the screen OR to you ship carrying a carrier bay. It is by percent damaged, So if you set it at 75%, it will retreact at 25% heath remaining. And so forth, I spent a lot of time trying to get this right.

3: Not yet had this happen but will keep an eye out for it.

4: One down shields will NEVER regain power. However they WILL regenarate hitpoints in certain amount of time.

5: It is purly cosmetic as you do not have free weapons

6: There is a unknow but neat little missles that disrupts shiled and when that white goes down your sheilds are weaked to the point they do not help. After a short time frame they will power back up but you will take damage to your armor or hull till they get back to full power.

7: unknown

8: there is only one that i know of other then the ingame editor. And that is a small turrent point program.

9; I’m not sure I do not usealy to challege as a lot are missle spam, with reduced engine speed and weapon range. A lot of the challeges are totaly unfair and not worth my time.

Thanks Lonestar :slight_smile:

  1. To get fully cautious do I move the slider LEFT or RIGHT?

  2. The same applies to AI/GBS standard missions. I can’t see the composition of enemy ships - even after the battle, so my counter fleet is 90% guess work. Is that the intention?

You can see what weapons the enemy used in the stats you get after the battle, among others they display the weapons used against you and what they hit.

All the way to the LEFT is fully cautious.

I was experimenting to confirm this and it is worth noting that fighters seem to have a different retreat algorithm than frigates. With frigates, if I set the slider all the way to the RIGHT they would fight to the bitter end, hardly ever retreating. If I set the slider all the way to the LEFT they would be cowardly, retreating as soon as they were hit once (these frigates had no shields or armor). With fighters, it didn’t seem to matter where I set the slider to, they were always cowardly. It was a little hard to track, but I didn’t see any damaged fighters still fighting regardless of where I set the slider. They always flew to safety when damaged even slightly.

I didn’t do any testing with cruisers.

Other modules should work fine. It will say in the description of the modules if its restricted to a particular race.

The farther to the RIGHT, the more hitpoints of damage the fighter will take before deciding to retreat. He’ll retreat to a maximum distances, and then I believe he will re-engage. If there is a carrier with a repair module in that range, he (or she) will stop for repairs.

Weird things happen when you get to the edges of the map.

If shields are taken down by weapons fire, then yes. The shields are gone for good.

It’s purely cosmetic. You’ll see the ship fire two beams, but they’ll both hit or miss together and the total damage is unmodified. In some cases, you’ll see the two beams combine into one larger beam, which looks pretty cool. But again, purely cosmetic.

It is only effected by some particular weapons that will instantly take down your shields for a short period of time. When the white bar is full again, you get your shields back. Personally, I find it a waste of interface since I’ve never come up against this weapon.

I imagine if someone wants to write one, Cliffski will gladly put it up.
But the website’s pretty new and not everything is written yet.

Sort of. There’s some modding goodies built in, and the entire game is highly customizeable. Check out the modding forum for some new weapons and ship designs if you’re ever curious. And of course there’s a campaign coming out soon and a new DLC race.

It can be. There’s a post-battle analysis screen to help give you information, but I don’t use it much. I like to watch the battle and try to see what everything’s armed with. Sometimes I’m picturing myself as the guy who has to give the admiral a full mission report afterward, or a sports caster doing the play-by-play.

I imagine it will get better with time. This forum has a host of useful guides to check out. Look for a thread titled “Threads For New Players” or some such thing.
edit: Nevermind. Here’s the link: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=5136

Nice questions. Keep 'em coming. :wink:

Thanks. :slight_smile: One more Q.

If I play every standard mission on every difficulty level will that generate enough ‘points’ to unlock every module in Supply HQ? If not then I’ll be a little more careful in what I unlock. If I’ll get to unlock them all eventually then I’ll just start at the top of the list and just keep unlocking as/when I can and not be too fussy about it as I’ll get them all unlocked eventually anyway.

Not even half the missions. I beat all the missions on “Normal” difficulty with Tutorial ships and was able to unlock everything.