New version 1.34 released. Here are the changes

Hi All! We just released the latest update to the game, here is a full list of the changes:

  1. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when dragging production line route placer off the map.
  2. [Bug] Fixed bug where queued research could disappear and be untriggerable if requirements not met.
  3. [GUI] Various usability improvements to the research queue and R&D screen.
  4. [SFX] Factory sounds now controlled by SFX volume, and muted during research.
  5. [Bug] Fixed bug where after reloading the same games, some cars were invisible at certain zoom levels.
  6. [Tutorial] Hint now given if player has not done any research after producing 10 cars.
  7. [Graphics] Added a bunch more machine animations for the metalpresses.
  8. [Feature] Pickup truck is a new body style option!
  9. [Simulation] Sports Cars, Compacts & pickups now require half as many seats.
  10. [Bug] Fixed bug where wingmirror painted layers were not painted the right color.
  11. [Balance] Adjustments to AI competition and component price variation.
  12. [Bug] Fixed bug preventing dragging scrollbars vertically.

This was more of a content than a code patch, but there are some usability improvements in there, plus some balancing stuff. I know the prices and AI-competition need some further adjustment, and I’m aware of some path-finding that isn’t working 100% right, plus a list of GUI improvements I want to get in to improve the usability, like telling the player when a luxury car is now only considered mid-range, and so-on…

The next big feature we will work on will be the hybrid/electric power-train, so that we can give those as options, which might involve a fair bit of time due to code/art/testing and design requirements.

Thanks to everyone playing the game during beta, and thank-you for leaving such awesome reviews on the store pages, as these are really helpful to us.
Here is the new pickup truck, hope you like it :smiley: Also look out for the animated metal presses!